Does it make any difference if people believe gay people are born that way or not?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Indeed it does.

    If it is proved that gay people are born gay, then it will make them even more accepted as it is not possible to punish or change something about someone that they were born with. Any attempts on trying to change parts on society to stop homosexuality will look ludicrous. Gay people ARE born that way, the sooner people realise that, the sooner our world will be more accepting.

  • Of course it does!

    Of course it matters if it is a choice or if it is inherent. If it is inherent then every religious nut saying it isn't is wrong, which says a lot about their blind and misguided views.

    If it were a choice then it would be reasonable to legislate it if it were against the good of the group, as the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few. If it were not a choic, then we could not legislate even if we absolutely needed to.

  • Rick Warren says it would not make a difference

    Rick Warren says it wouldn't make a difference, that God says it's a sin. This stance is echoed by many anti-gay people. The official position of the Catholic Church is that gay people can go to heaven, if they are celibate. That's all the "born that way" argument does is convince people that "then it's OK to be gay but not to act on it or get married".

    As it is the science only shows a genetic correlation which means in all likelihood, sorry but you weren't born that way. Environment factors in as well and environment can include events where people stop and think about things and so it could be a choice, not free will(nothing is free will) but nevertheless a choice at least in so far as other things are a choice.

    That doesn't make it wrong though. Homosexuality is OK because it doesn't hurt anyone and people should be allowed to fall in love and have sex with whoever they want as long as they are consenting adults.

  • What difference does it make if it's love?

    It does not make any difference whether or not people believe a person who likes the same sex was born that way, or was culturally changed to think that way or not. If it is love between two people, then what does it matter what society thinks? Men should not be jerks then woman would not have to look for love in their own kind.

  • Civil rights are civil rights.

    Homosexuality IS inborn, but even if it weren't that doesn't change the fact that ALL citizens should have equal civil rights under the law and equal dignity. To claim otherwise undermines the very intent and fabric of American society, and is just another way to reinforce prejudice against the LGBT community.

  • It shouldn't matter

    Gay men and women are born gay and their rights matter just as much as ours. It shouldn't matter if you they theoretically were to chose to be gay because gays are people too so they have equal rights. Some people say it's not natural but it honestly is. A lot of species are know to have homosexual relationships so why wouldn't be it be right for humans to also have homosexual relations?

  • It's just an opinion

    Whether you believe that people are born gay, or chose to be gay, it won't change their sexual oritentaion.
    Honestly, judging people on their sexual preference is the equivalent of hating someone becausethey don't like the same flavor of ice cream as you. It's silly guys, we need to stop this.

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brant.merrell says2013-10-13T02:50:02.183
I'm kind of tempted to agree, just because the one opinion in agreement looks so lonely.