Does it make more sense to use a flat tax system instead of a progressive tax?

  • Yes, flat tax is better.

    Flat tax prevents the rich from being discouraged to make more because of high taxes. The poor can strive to make more money, as they are always paying their fair share of money. This flat tax rate holds no one back. It encourages hard work and will likely make the poor try to get richer, therefore improving the well-being of the country

  • Yes, a flat tax is applied equally to everyone.

    Yes, a flat tax system makes more sense than a progressive tax because a flat tax ensures that everyone pays a fair share. Wealthy individuals manipulate the progressive tax system to ensure that they pay little or no taxes on their income. Poor and middle-class individuals do not have the same access to tax shelters, so the progressive tax system means they pay a larger percentage of their income in taxes.

  • Flat tax is unfair

    So to start off, the flat tax system isn't fair to the poor people, and if you say that flat tax is fair for the upper and middle class, you are slightly correct. People in the middle and upper class are going to still be able to have money left over from progressive tax, if you ear $100,000 a year and progressive tax is 10 percent, you pay $10,000 meaning $90,000 left over, this is still enough money to feed your family and live a healthy life. For people that are poor, if they were to pay a progressive tax while earning $100 per year and have to pay 5%, you pay 5 dollars with $95 left over, which is barely a difference and way more fair to the poor people.

  • No, a progressive tax system makes more sense.

    A progressive tax system makes more sense than a flat tax system because the same percentage of a low income individual's wealth and a rich individual's wealth affects each person's life in a drastically different way. Although a 20 percent tax on a poor person's income makes surviving and paying bills difficult, this same percentage makes little difference to a wealthy person.

  • Flat tax systems punish the poor, so a progressive tax is better.

    Flat tax systems hurt the poor, as they are not able to afford to pay the same percentage of taxes as the rich. In fact, many poor people depend on government assistance to survive; they cannot pay any taxes. The wealthy, however, can afford to pay a significant percentage of their earnings while still having plenty of largesse left over.

  • No, a flat tax system would penalize poorer people and reward wealthier people.

    No, it makes no sense to use a flat tax system in place of the current progressive tax policy because rich people would pay so little comparatively that all the poor programs their dollars help fund would go bust almost immediately. If everybody paid 17 percent of their income, rich earners, who are accustomed to paying up to 39 percent, just saw their tax bill plummet, while a poorer person, who might not even have paid 17 percent before, sees their tax bill increase. It's just not at all fair to poor people.

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