Does it matter if you believe in God or not?

Asked by: Dishoungh
  • Yes it does.

    I feel semi-like @Dishoungh. Just less angry. It is important to have faith and believe in God. Don't worry if you don't though. God believes in you. It is difficult to accept an abstract concept in a fact driven world. The problem with modern Christianity is that it has been force fed to people and is over-whelming. The biggest issue people have with Christians is hypocrisy. Unfortunately, people for centuries have done wrong in God's name and also don't live how they represent themselves on Sunday morning. It is that element of being born into sin, but having God's grace that is not understood. We use excuses like hypocrisy and science to stay in our comfort zones. Just remember that Christians are a family and like all families there are people who disappoint you, anger you, love you, and care for you. Don't forget, also, that there is always a black sheep or two. Lol. There will always be someone that hurts the image of Christianity (Westboro Baptist...Anyone.), but don't focus on the negative. I know this rant goes slightly off topic, but if this helps one person out of 1000 then it was beneficial. MATTHEW 4:19 - And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

  • Yes it does matter, because if God is True (which I believe with no doubt) then not believing in Him is disbelieving in your Creator

    And If God exists (no doubt in my belief) then there is an afterlife, and hell and heaven, and if you disbelieve in Him, don't expect Him to rewared you gpt your disbelief and put you in His Heaven. There are only two places to live in the afterlife: hell or heaven, and heaven isn't created for disbelievers who reject their Creator and His message of guidance.
    Now some might then say: "There are many religions out there, which one is the one that God wants us to follow? Which is the true one?"
    My answer is: Speak to God directly, and ask Him sincerely from your heart for guidance and help, then start searching in the different religions, and God will guide you in your search.

  • Yes it does

    When you believe in God it changes you. I have had more peace and more wisdom than ever, since i have met God. You may not believe in God but you know what he wants you with him and live forever in heaven instead of burning in Hells lake of fire

  • It affects how you act.

    As Voltaire said, "Those who make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." I think belief in God is irrational, and because of this, someone who believes in God is prone to act irrationally based on this belief. People who believe in God can come to think that God's will gives them an absolute mandate, and this makes them nearly unshakable in pursuit of their goals, whether those goals include living a life of prayer and celibacy, bringing others to God, or murdering large numbers of civilians. With no rational justification, these actions are much more likely to be chosen by those who believe that God has ordained them to do so.

  • Yes, it matters.

    You don't have to, but don't think believing in God is some tradition that causes more problems then good and not believing in him will open your mind to understand stuff that is way more logical. First off is the most obvious reason. He only let's people into heaven who accept him as their lord and savior. So not believing in him would send you to hell. Another reason why it matters is because he tells us right from wrong. Now I know most things the bible says would still be kept without the bible, but then who decides what is right from wrong? Well most people would say that deciding right from wrong would up to a majority decision. What I say is that what if everybody decided that murder was good? Should it then be good? Now most people will say that will never happen and that people wouldn't ever let that happen, but what about Nazi Germany? The people decided that Jews and Gypsies were unpleasant and should be exterminated for the good of Germany. Now this was a majority decision so was it good? You see, humans can't decide what's right or wrong. Its up to the creator.

  • This matters whether or not you're religious

    Anyone who is religious, unless they're from a non theistic religion, believes in some kind of God and because of that, they would be the people to say it matters if you believe in God. I realize that the gate to heaven is narrow and very few will go through it. I think a lot of what my religion entails is not blind faith, but rather faith that our experiences were real. I care if you believe in God, I would be very very happy if I could make an influence on someone where they would want to. For a Christian to say it doesn't matter is rather contradictory because God matters to us very much and to say that doesn't apply to everyone regardless if they are an Atheist or not just goes against what we believe. I think of everyone as equals regardless of your religious beliefs. Now I know that so many people on the other side would talk about how religious people force their beliefs on other people which is absolutely true. I hate this fact and although it might apply to many Christians, it doesn't apply to all. There are people like me who believe that God matters very much, but I don't think that my own belief is the reason why you shouldn't have to freedom to believe what you want. Regardless, I always love to talk about it to people with a more so, caring undertone rather than a harsh one like the guy above me. "I am the way and the truth and the life. No man comes to the father except through me." Even though the afterlife is a factor here, I believe it matters very much how we live on earth. I know that I'm a fool, no man is completely wise to be honest. I believe that peace, love and humility are the most important things to live by.

  • Stick with your own religious beliefs and STAY THERE!

    I'm sick of people trying to prove and disprove God's existence. I mean, if you don't believe in God and you have other beliefs to practice, practice those and stop trying to disprove Christianity. STOP IT! It doesn't matter anyway. They call it "BELIEFS" because it is opinionated. If they were "SCIENTIFIC FACTS" then they would call them that. Seriously, stop trying so hard to shove your beliefs to other's throats and stick with your own. Nobody cares if you believe in God or not. I'm a Christian myself, and I'm considerate of my beliefs. I only care if I believe God exists or not. That's for me to figure out and follow Christianity.

  • Different people have different views on God

    Everyone has different viewpoints of God, everyone's faith differs - some people may strongly believe, while others do not. Some are agnostic, and some believe in an "impersonal" energy that exists. People should keep in mind that Christianity is not the only religion out there, people need to be more considerate of others' beliefs and faiths.

  • You don't know

    No one knows what happens after death and no one will tell us. It is up to us to find out and it intrigues my curiosity to do so. I do not believe in heaven or hell, and the Bible was written by humans which means we wrote the bible (not fking god).

    In addition believing in god doesn't make me rich, doesn't make me wealthy, and doesn't make me popular. Believing in god is basically what a weakling who can't believe in himself would do. If u are strong then u don't need a god.
    However this doesn't mean I don't gave faith. I have faith in my dad that he is helping me, I have faith in my teachers that they are teaching me the right stuff.

    God is dead we killed him

  • No it does not

    I honestly feel that any loving God who is worth giving thanks to will have absolutely no problem with people casting doubt about his/her/its existence if no sufficient evidence is presented to confirm their existence. Also if there is a single true God then that God would have absolutely no issue with his creations either not believing or believing something else because how does that affect the reality of the one true God?

  • I despise Christianity but...

    It's irrelevant to what make them the person they are on the inside. They're still the same friend or person, no? Only if they constantly shove their beliefs in my face will I reject them as a friend or look down on them as a person. If their character is dependent on their religion ( Like saying Jesus said it was okay for me to do this that Jesus this God that) Are you not capable of making your own decisions with your own brain? Then yes also.

  • Everyone is entitled.

    I go to church because I believe. I am close friends with someone who is atheist. We have completely different beliefs, but they are no less my friend. A world without diversity is a world without imagination. I have no doubt God would realize this. I do not believe he has the intention of damning someone for simply not believing in him.

  • My personal beliefs and perspectives aren't your problem.

    So, to make this short, I know for a fact, me believing in something or not, is just as unimportant as my favorite color being blue or not.

    Nobody truely cares and it doesn't affect them, so why is it a concern? My response to the question "do you believe in God(s)?" Is "How should O know?" Besides, at a job interview for a grocery store, a question like that wouldn't affect my ability to stock shelves, or at school, learn math. It gas no premise, and honestly, its not even your business.

  • Why would it?

    Idc if you believe in God or not, I can still talk to you and be your friend and all. I don't judge people by whether they're theist or not. I believe in the end, it doesn't really matter, does it? I personally don't believe in God, but I'm not like a lot of the other knuckleheads who go around spitting out crap like "onyl brianwahsed idiiots r cristains".

  • There'Is No Point In Thinking About Things That Very Possibly May Not Even Exist.

    Wondering if you would be judged by God is the same as worrying if you would be killed by being pierced with the horn of a Unicorn. The probability is about the same!
    Too many people ponder things that have no evidence in any form of reality and often stress themselves needlessly or preach junk to others that is Wrong to get them Worrying Needlessly.
    There is no call for it.
    There is actually no call for religions at all.
    Personal beliefs are fine and Great.
    But religions are unnecessary.

  • People are Entitled to Their Own Opinions!

    Of course it doesn't. Everyone can believe what they want, and what matters is not what you believe, but how you treat others and the world around you. There are bad religious people and bad non-religious people. Why should what you believe in matter as long as you do what you can to help other people?

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