Does it matter if you enjoy your job as long as you earn a lot of money?

  • Yes it matters

    People may a high paying job but may not enjoy it. Yes your receiving a good income but why put all that time and effort when you can be doing something you really are passionate about. Also, while you are working at this high paying job, you are working for someone else's company. You may can get promoted or receive raises, pensions and so forth. But all that time is wasted really because you could own your own company. Work with other individuals that are more self sufficient and have more more success. Anyone could be progressing in better ways than working for some company you may work a 9-5 that you don't even enjoy. Progression and improving on yourself can give you much more success.

  • Yes, Sucess Is More Likely if You Love Your Job

    Years of most people’s lives will be spent working. Of course it matters
    whether they enjoy their occupation or not. Nevertheless, many people
    do take on jobs they hate, to support their family or because they enjoy
    making big money. However, people who don’t like their job are likely
    to slack, to avoid putting in a full effort, because they do not really care
    about what they are doing. So in the end, people are more likely to work
    hard, and therefore to succeed, if they do something they love.

  • Money is everything.

    Money is everything.
    It doesn’t matter if you enjoy your job as long as you earn a lot of
    money. You know why? If there is a hobby of dream job you have in the
    back of your mind, you can take the money from your high-paying job and fund a
    business doing what you really want to do.
    Everything takes money.

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