• Pope or pauper

    As posters before me have covered it matters to the person who is homosexual, pride in their beliefs, discrimination etc. It does matter in that sense but I really don't think it should matter to other people more than any other subject. Does it really effect you as an outside observer? Because this is in the religious section of topics ill say one thing. I cannot stand is when people of my faith hate other people because they feel that their sin is greater. Hypocritical and completely unbiblical. God loves all his children and all Christians are sinners! Pope or a pauper, it doesn't matter. To think we are fit to judge means we think we can do God's job for Him. How ridiculous is that? We are called to love others and live by Jesus's example.

    I am just as guilty as others of being judgmental...But at least I can admit it

  • It should not matter but it does

    If you are in a bad neighborhood where people hate gay's, well then it obviously matters but in a perfect world being gay would not matter. Hope it wont matter in the future but today it unfortunately does matter. I personally could not care less what people want to do in the bed as long as they don't hurt anyone i'm happy.

  • What do you mean?

    Well yeah it matters. If you're gay and you're choosing someone to date obviously it matters. Considering there's a nationwide movement for gays I would say it matters to them. If it didn't matter why is there such a movement, and why does it exist? Things that don't matter don't generally get that much recognition.

  • It matters for you, doesn't it?

    While I personally don't care if somebody is gay, bi, straight or asexual, it surely matters for that person.
    No matter what your sexual orientation is, it inevitably has an impact on your life in various ways. For example, if your gay, you can't have biological children with your partner. So it does matter.

  • It does' t matter.

    Is it so wrong to be gay? I mean it doesn't really affect anything at all. Its just how some people think its wrong. Its plain stupid on how some people judge gays. Gays are people to, and if that's wrong then why did God make us huh? What are we a curse? You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and lots of people are doing that. It's not right.

  • We're Born That Way

    I'm straight as a 2X4, but there is NOTHING wrong with being gay. The people who try to justify that it is wrong are usually people raised with that being engraved in their minds, or very religious people. I am a Christian. But even though the bible says something about it, it was in the OLD testament. I take the teachings from the old testament when they are ones Jesus preached about. He never preached about homosexuality. If we are going to follow the bible word for word, stop cutting your hair and eating shellfish. Plus, Jesus would not condone judging anyone for how they were made. Whether you're straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, disabled, smart, black, white, hispanic, etc. You're fine just the way you are.

  • Only if you are a bigot.

    Love is love. People who hate gays are bigots. It is hateful to deny gays their rights. It is hateful to tell gays that they are sinning when they are not. It is hateful to slander gays like many radical right wing organizations do. In short, if you don't like gays or bisexuals, we don't care.

  • Being gay is the same as being straight

    I feel that being gay is just a title but in all you just happen to love a person of the same sex.. I'm straight and married but some of my family is gay and my family are fundamental Christians who have shunned my family just because of a personal preference.. It's not like being gay is going to kill us.. Or "taint" us in anyway so why should it matter? Why should we as a society let being gay be a bad thing? I say if being gay makes you happy then it makes you happy.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with being who you are.

    If people live their lives feeling guilty of who they are, and feeling ashamed of themselves, they are probably going to wind up depressed. It is bad for personal morale and someone's happiness if they're constantly told they're bad people for no reasons. If someone happens to like the same sex as they are, I am alright with that. I judge people by character, not by anything else.

  • No, It Doesn't

    What matters is how you treat people and how you think. 'Gay' is just a word. It doesn't define a person, it merely defines their sexual preference. What's important is how a person treats other people and how they live their life. Being gay isn't really all that big of a deal

  • It Really Doesn't Matter...

    If you like someone the same gender as you, that's fine! People should be able to love whoever they love. Even if you don't agree, that means you can just not marry the same gender. No one deserves to be punished for having something different about them, such as a guy liking a guy or vice versa. You don't have to agree, but you shouldn't get bullied or punished for it!

  • I dont care if you are gay or straight

    Just dont act like you are better than every body else cus then i might get a wee bit salty and have to kill you just kidding but for real that will make me very angry and i will most likley do something about so yeah takin up space now

  • I does not matter.

    If you're gay or not it doesn't matter. You're still the same person and your sexual orientation shouldn't matter at all. It doesn't define who you are. Loving a person of the same gender doesn't change who you are and it shouldn't change the way people see you. Even if it does change the way people see you it still shouldn't matter. Why should it matter if strangers see you as different, when they mean nothing to you.

  • It really does not matter if you are gay.

    When it comes right down to it it really does not matter if you are gay.Gay people can do the same jobs and parent the same as any other person.The problem is that many straight people feel threatened by anything that is different than them.If gays and straights would just have a dialogue they all would get along.

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TheOncomingStorm says2013-11-07T19:11:23.373
I think some people are treading negativity into the question. It doesn't ask if gays should be discriminated or oppressed. It just asks if it matters. Obviously it matters to someone or there wouldn't be so much fire on the negative side of this question.