• Rebel Wilson's honesty matters

    Though Rebel Wilson is a fantastic actress and I don't think her career will necessarily be severely harmed from her lying about her age, I think that it still matters overall. Her lying about her age points to a greater possibility of other dishonesty, which is not a good characteristic for a celebrity or anyone. Actresses and actors should show themselves as honest and trustworthy for their benefit and the benefit of the industry.

  • Why would it matter

    Lying about things is stock and trade in the neterainment industry. Most of Hollywood lies about their age, weight, name ethnicity and surgical history. So this seems like no big deal to me. I guess it was a slow news week so someone ran with this story to sell some papers.

  • Rebel Wilson's age not a factor

    No, it doesn't matter that Rebel Wilson has lied about her age. The 'Pitch Perfect' movie star has claimed she is 29 but she is really 35. The revelation of this has created somewhat of a buzz but I don't see it as being a factor at all in her ability to perform.

  • No, it doesn't matter that Rebel Wilson lied about her age.

    If the universe is infinite, there are infinite ways for things to unfold. Not one of those ways makes this a topic worth discussing. Who cares how old an actress is? Rebel Wilson always plays the same kind of character and is typecast as the larger, funny girl that is slightly stupid. Her age is not important to anyone.

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