• Huge Difference in Styles

    Yes, it does matter where someone went to college. Clearly, there is a difference between Duke University and Liberty University. One is a top university for research while the other is a fundamentalist Christian college used to train evangelists. Yes, it does matter because the curricula in different institutions may vary widely. Grades also matter--two people with the same degree may not have the same expertise if one person got a 4.0 GPA versus the other who got a 2.5 GPA.

  • Yes, it matters a great deal.

    There was a time when all that mattered was getting a college education. It showed that a person was intelligent and disciplined enough to seek a higher education. Somewhere along the line, the college you attended started to make more of a difference than the grades or degree you received. The cream of the crop jobs now seem to go only to top Ivy League graduates.

  • Where you go does matter

    That is unless people have money to blow. Not many of us our fortunate to have that luxury, though. Some people say it does not matter where you go, but what you do when you get to college. If that is the case, how come so many colleges charge an arm and a leg to go there?

  • Not To Me

    I do not believe it matters where you went to college. I believe accredited colleges are equal regardless of how much they charge. I do not believe one college is better than the other, they all teach the same things or tackle the topics they feel they can. I believe a college degree should be considered valid and equal to any other college degree, as long as it comes from an accredited school.

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