• Only if you want a good nights rest.

    It's great to be honest but when it comes to a job, people don't want to hear your honesty about anything. When it comes to your boss, the truth always gets you fired. It's so sad that some people would rather not hear the truth in life about anything.

    This is what's wrong with our society today. Everyone's so afraid to be honest because of the repercussions and that's exactly what you get. The way I see it, the person who's being honest needs to be proud of themselves.

    I am fine that I got fired from a job in 2007 for telling the truth and at least I got a good nights rest. I always tell the truth and try to be humble at all times and feel everyone else should be as well, regardless to what the repercussions are from anyone. The only person who judges us that is going to count is God. Yes, I had a hard time finding work but did in the end but have no regrets telling the truth about anything to anyone.

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