Does it really matter if the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by grade school students were eliminated from the daily classroom routine?

Does it really matter if the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by grade school students were eliminated from the daily classroom routine?
  • YES IT DOES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I most have been living under a rock I am just hearing about this. This is the most stupidest thing I've heard in the past decade the oath is not only about religion its about justice and liberty and our nation that is slowly being dumped on because of stupid $%^ like this don't like the fact that in the oath it says "under god" take it out they only recently put that in, it used to not have "under god" in the pledge its been revised 4 times . You want the oath taken out then you cant complain because you feel like you are not getting the justice you believe you should have, cause you don't. If my sons school is the same way I will be pissed. Now i do understand putting "under god" might offend some but don't take out the WHOLE pledge just because some one 50+ years ago said we should put in "under god". my wife just told me that because of some atheist they no longer prayed before soccer games don't like it, don't participate go kick the ball around no one is forcing your dam kid to pray with them, well they better not be and from what some people say that kids don't even know what it means my grade school teacher had us do an easy on it among other things and if they don't you should teach them plus if your kid says something for years and doesn't know what he/she is saying then sorry your kid needs to go back a grade. If your kid doesn't do well in school we should say ohh whats the point in going then if he/she isn't paying attention, meaning ohh they don't know what it means lets not teach it at all raise an army of retards. I guess if you all like the fact that we take out the pledge then we should go ahead and deface all money while we are at it look on the back of a dollar bill and figure it out. Now with me saying that watch there going to do that. this nation is supposed to be great, then something retarded like this happens. Do away with christian music and TV shows because there an atheist that don't like it, hay there's alcoholics out there we should make that illegal also. some people say that the government is going to turn this country into a communist country but in fact its the people that are doing it to themselves. So the ones saying that we should eliminate the Pledge are communists and you have no honor or respect. Makes me sick to my stomach, how does that make you feel?? To those saying "that it takes away from god" THAT'S WHY YOU GO TO CHURCH!!! someone else mentioned "its like Hitler" WTF indivisible meaning not separated into parts and Justice meaning a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, RELIGION, fairness, or equity. so in a why your using the oath to eliminate the oath, like a snake eating its own tale. This is what i mean by this is retarded and stupid.

    when is everyone going to learn that you cant please everyone that we all have to compromise don't like it change it but don't take it out you might as well take a dump on the american flag while your at it.

  • If they take the Pledge of allegiance out of the classroom, it is just one more step this country as a whole is taking away from God.

    If they take the Pledge of allegiance out of the classroom, it is just one more step this country, as a whole, is taking away from God. Our children, as CITIZENS of the United States, ought to pledge their allegiance to the country that they enjoy living in. And they ought to not try to remove the under God part out. Because if Americans remove themselves out from "under God" then in He will eventually take His hand of protection from us.

    Posted by: 5c4ryCar
  • I am opposed to abolishing reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in grade schools. I think it is important to have certain texts and traditions in common as a culture.

    While some people feel it is an important matter of duty or patriotism for children to recite the Pledge of allegiance, I have other reasons: I think our culture needs shared texts and traditions that are part of our common language and heritage. In addition to building the fabric of culture, this also supports people as they lose short term memory. Many brain injured or elderly patients suffering dementia are able to share in reciting or singing things they memorized long ago.

    Posted by: baltute
  • I disagree with removing the Pledge of Allegiance. It's important to remember the foundation of our country.

    Patriotism might seem old-fashioned, but respect for history and our country does not go out of style. We also need to remember our fighting men and women who are in harm's way. We add value to their service as we take time to remember what our country stands for and to "pledge allegiance" to it.

    Posted by: EIIswBee
  • I agree

    Saying the pledge of allegiance is extremely important. I am 16 and I have realized how stupid people have gotten over the years. I am part of the new generation and I will not stand for ignorance. Your country pledges itself every day. The fact that I can voice my opinion here. The fact that we have any of the cool technology's is because of the freedoms that many have died for. When people don't say the pledge they are ping on every American soldier that has died for this country. People do not know how lucky we really are. That we have the right to choice. I have been reading about other people arguing the opposite, and I just want to say, what does killing people in Iraq have to do with the pledge. The pledge honors those that have died and lived for this country. America is the best place on earth. It is the definition of freedom. democracy is only as good as we want it to be. I will grow up being a informed adult and I will fight against the evil that has started to grow within the united states. People say they have a problem with the words "under God" If you are a real patriot you will say those words with every ounce of pride. I do not believe in god yet I still say "under God." The words "under God" Were added to the pledge during the 1950's. It was ment to help stop the spread of communism, and communism is the exact opposite of America.

  • It does matter if the Pledge of Allegiance is eliminated from the daily classroom routine because this will accelerate regional differences to the detriment of all Americans.

    In 2010, America is a great, young country with tremendous upside. There is room to grow, a young population, and ample resources. What makes the country unique is that for 3,000 miles there is a common legal, economic, and cultural landscape. While this nation of immigrants has many ethnic backgrounds, after a generation most people consider themselves 'American' rather than anything else. The Pledge of Allegiance is a strangely important part of our identity. It conveys acceptance of everyone into a larger whole, a nation that is the last best hope for mankind. The US system has worked better than any other in history, asking children to pledge allegiance to it makes sense because it will nurture the seeds of love for the country and fellow citizens.

    Posted by: 54mP5KryPto
  • Yes, it matters. We need to eliminate the pledge in schools.

    First of all, young children are being compelled to recite it even though they dont know what it means. This is like brainwashing, like communism, like proproganda. Also, The use of the word god in the pledge offends atheist and agnogists. It also causes problems for students who dont believe in god or in the christian religion. They dont want to use gods name in a false statement every day, but they feel the need to, as their fellow classmates do. They fear bullying or are bullied. This problem could easily be solved by removing the pledge from the daily schedules at schools. If parents want their kids to recite it at home, fine, so be it. That's their choice. But schools should not compel students to say it daily and feel like they have no choice in the matter. I mean, seriously, have them learn it once and need to write it for a test or something like that. That's what happens with most of the things students learn, so we should apply this principle to the pledge of alliance. and besides kids of that age should not be forced to pledge anything, espicially not to the country. That's like making them make a blind promise to do something that they dont even understand. And ask any second grader or even third and fourth graders (and even some older kids) what the pledge means and they will tell you that they dont know. They dont understand most of the words and they dont understand what they are pledging, it is just a regular part of their day. This is mind numbing. They never think about it. Some, like me, realize what is happening when they grow older, but most dont. Most people never even question it. And they laugh at people who have an issue with reciting the pledge, as in they dont believe in christianity, or having a single god, or any gods at all. Or they are foreign students and dont want to make a blind pledge to a country that is not their own. Or the people who know that they can still be true patriots and support their country without pledging themselves to a flag everyday. Therefore, we should withdraw the use of the pledge of alliance in schools. Again if parents want their children to recite it daily, have them do it at home, where it will only affect their family and no one will take offense at any part of it.

  • I believe it would matter greatly if the Pledge were eliminated from the daily classroom routine, because children may not see any form of love for the U.S. or patriotism at home.

    The people of the United States so easily forget about the great aspects of our country, and so easily fall into petty fighting with each other, that I believe children do need to recite the Pledge every day in grade school. Parents don't always pass on to their children those things that the parents consider "obvious". Because parents don't do a very good job of frequently showing or talking about the best parts of the U.S. to their children, children could easily fall through the cracks, and never have any sort of patriotism instilled in them. Therefore, the recitation of the Pledge is important for grade school students.

    Posted by: SourGerman91
  • I think it does matter that the Pledge remains a part of elementary school, because it helps foster a love for the U.S. in young children.

    Saying the Pledge helps kids with love of their country. It gets them thinking about their allegiance to it, and it also helps them to feel more like part of it, even though they are just kids.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • The Pledge of Allegiance should have meaning for our children. How will they learn what it means if they are not taught?

    I am a third grade teacher and we do recite the Pledge of Allegiance each day. We also spend time throughout the year discussing what each part of it means. We are not just pledging allegiance to a flag, but also to our Republic (that's right, it's not a democracy). We also learn the preamble to the Constitution and sections of the Declaration of Independence. I believe it is important for our children to understand those founding documents of our nation, and we should begin introducing them to those great ideas early in their education.

  • Children can't understand the complex concepts

    If they don't know what they're doing, then how is it in any way meaningful? If the kids don't understand, and are incapable of understanding because of their age, then in what way to they benefit from reciting the words? Elementary age children have no concept of mortality, or loyalty, or citizenship, or nationality, or nationalism, or a republic, or liberty, or justice. Most kids that age are just coming to understand the concept of fairness. Meaning it's indoctrination. It's pushing complex concepts onto people that aren't capable of understanding the meaning or ramifications of the act. Once they get to civics class, high school age, maybe it's appropriate.

    So as children recite this mantra that they don’t understand, and slowly begin to get it, is this good or bad? The children are saying that they pledge allegiance to the Indivisible Republic, that is supposed to have Liberty and Justice for All. But for many people throughout our history, and even now, it’s not true that there’s liberty and justice for all. But we have them blindly affirm this position as truth every morning. It won’t be until much later that they might come to realize that the line is supposed to be about our ideals, and not meant to reflect reality.

    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t tell kids America’s great, or what it might mean to be a citizen, or what the Indivisible Republic is. What I’m saying is that it’s super creepy weird to make kids swear allegiance (something they don’t understand) to a nation (something they don’t understand). Now, when they’re older, and it will be meaningful to them it makes sense, like High School age. Younger than that, and it seems like the pledge isn’t for the kids, or the teacher, but for everyone who’s not in the classroom, so we all feel good about our ‘good ‘ole patriotic America-loving’ little kiddies.

    Isn’t it more meaningful if they come to be patriotic without the mindless recitation of a group of phrases?

    Yes, parents should also teach children the meaning of being a citizen, and what the ideals of the United States are (though that will vary from house to house). Schools should too, especially since they’re often a government funded thing, but when the kids are old enough to understand it.

  • I dont think it is necessary and it doesnt help anyone physically or in any way

    Ok if they involve god into this i suppose they read the bible and know lots of different things and topics about and what i do know is that one of ten commandments is DO NOT KILL so just that tells us how wrong it is to put god into a recital that involves people killling people because reciting the pledge of alligiance is pretty much saying you will go to war if you have to and when you go you for two things only to kill or die and gods does not like violence so that is offending god in one way. And something else that was mentioned was that praying before ball games that is just ignorant god is not going to help you win the game or whatever you are praying for, what if both teams pray and ask to win which to team will he help that is just ignorant stop praying. Also dont pray if your going to war he does not like violence

  • Another form of government propaganda

    I do not believe that the pledge of allegiance is necessary, as it is simply reinforcing a group of people who have bought to government, say this if you are asked to pledge:

    I pledge allegiance
    To the war
    On terror in the nation of Iraq
    And to George bush, for which it stands
    One nation, under China,
    Completely divided
    By unequal distribution of wealth.

  • The pledge should be eliminated

    Considering the term allegiance, and the hierarchical relationship between the people, the State, and the federal government, as recorded in Article Ten of the Bill of Rights, the pledge of allegiance to the flag, and to the United States, should be abolished. All who work for government should be required, every morning, to pledge their allegiance to the people whom they serve; and to reaffirm their oath to uphold the Constitution. This would be a daily reminder of their status, and their servile position. It is predictable that their attitude would change.

    We rejected the notion: "Hail to the King." Why should we now embrace: "Hail to the United States"?

  • The Pledge seems like another form of brainwashing that the country puts us through.

    As far as the "under god" phrase goes; that phrase wasn't added in until some time after the original pledge was already made. Its not like getting rid of the pledge would close down churches or put duct tape on parents' mouths. The government doesn't have a responsibility to teach religion, that's the parent's choice.

  • Brainwashing? Really?

    If everyone is worried about kids not knowing what they are saying, then why don't YOU as parents, guardians, or advisers teach them! If you think they are being brainwashed teach them what the pledge means, and let them decide for themselves whether they want to say it or not.

  • Hitler Youth in America

    When it comes down to it, it is the same robotic brainwash that Hitler used to take over Germany. It may not have as bad effects but it is the same process. We have this plegde burned into our skull so well we can repeat it in our sleep. But who actully understands the meaning? and also we don't say the orignal pledge. It was first written without any form of religon being a part of it but now WE have added "god" into the pledge. Somthing not everyone beilives.

  • Does not educate students on the Pledge of Allegiance.

    When kids are being forced to recite the pledge they are not learning anything about it and why it was created in the first place. I think that instead of having to say the pledge everyday, kids should learn about what it means and how the pledge influences them. (if it does.)

  • Let people decide as adults how much loyalty they feel to the country

    The pledge, in my opinion, is a waste of time. No child in elementary school really understands what they are saying. It is just memorized and recited. When you are 9 years old, you have no idea, for example, how many people we have killed in Iraq or how many people have found anything but "liberty and justice" in this country. School, as already mentioned should be about educating the next generation. The level of patriotism one feels to their nation should be decided later in life, not through a pledge that feels suspiciously like brainwashing.

  • I have seen no significant value in the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance in school.

    There is no hard proof that the Pledge of Allegiance teaches kids to be loyal to their country. Most students just recite it as a requirement by the school. If it were to be eliminated from schools, I do not think it would make much of an impact. Kids should learn loyalty towards their country, and learn about their country, through instruction in class.

    Posted by: AmusingKareem

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