Does it seem like Christians are constantly bashed for their beliefs?

Asked by: nyost
  • All the time!

    I think Christians are constantly bashed by Atheists and Liberals (thanks Liberals, so much for sticking up for everyones' rights like you say you do) It seems like we are always hit around and hated upon. Not all of us act hateful like the media and society says we are. It's just the MINORITY of (I'm going to use this term loosely) "Christians" that act hateful. I don't have any issue on how anyone stands on life or what they believe in. I would like to see them be Christian, but I don't shove my views directly down their throat. I see just as many if not more Liberal Atheists shove their views down people's throat (school, etc.) and they they blame us of shoving views down people's throats? But of course they don't have issues with any other religious people such as Muslims, in fact, they embrace those people. We are no longer accepted in society it seems like.

  • Yes, Christians are "bashed for their beliefs"

    Of course, there are many who don't persecute Christians and respect our beliefs, but, regrettably, there are some who do. They continuously argue that there is no proof and immediately reject any proof given. I'm not going to mention any names, but there are some users on this site who JUST WON'T STOP. In any case, the Bible does say you will be persecuted for being a Christian and the acts of those "bashing our beliefs" just prove that to be true.

  • Of Course Yes

    I feel so horrible because of people judging my belief!Atheists are questioning our religion telling us to stop believing and it makes me so sad!I am sick of it!Every single day a new debate is in on this!If Atheists don't like us than why do they constantly judge us! Horrible!

  • From what ive seen, yes

    Mostly from liberals. I have claimed to liberals on facebook mainly, that i am a cristian and almost right away i am called a racist homophobic nazi bigot. Technically christians are the most killed around the world. If you are only talking about america, from what ive seen mainly facebook, it is the christians and sometimes muslims that are bashed. For some reason i never see jews bashed even though they are in the same category.

  • Abso frkn lutely!!!

    I am in quite a predicament.. Being that I'm a liberal .. So whenever I am reading a blog or participating in a discussion .. Such as gay marriage for example, I have to dodge countless attacks on my faith and still lend support to the cause even tho they are pretty much degrading me as i do it. It's annoying and disrespectful.

  • If you disagree you're called a bigget

    I don't believe the same way gays do. Just because I don't think the same way they do I'm called a hater or bigget. Its like the media has convicted me for what I believe in. I just don't see things the way gays do. My beliefs in the media are not respected

  • We Are Asking For It

    We are being bashed for claiming we are being bashed for our faith. Jesus has yet to be debunked, so when he says the world will hate us as it hated him, it's still relevant. The public Christians are deficient at accurately representing Jesus. Assuming what Jesus would object to fails to take into account that Jesus might not be so quick to care about the things Christians are facing concerning the attention given by secular sources. We're in over our heads, with leaders lacking any divine authority.

  • Jesus is a scapegoat

    I am specifically addressing the negative, insensitive, intolerant, RUDE posts I encounter on Facebook. I am frankly SICK OF IT! It is always open season on Christians, most particularly Catholics! There are jokes and cartoons and videos (of Sarah Silverman) all bashing Christians and Christianity. I asked once, where is the Islam bashing, what about those Hindus? And c'mon a little Antisemitism, just to make it all "PC", but no, it's not okay to attack or ridicule THOSE religions! Enough! Just post some pictures of your dog or grandkid and keep your bigoted, opinionated mouths shut!

  • Even by themselves.

    Small point... This question does not appear to speak of any one country.

    Assuming this question is not literal, the bashing is quite everyday. Even within one country, different groups of Christians bash each other for not believing in the right way.

    Assuming it is literal, the severity of certain heavily violent cases makes it seem constant (even if occasional, it SEEMS constant as the question asks). Considering Christians have actually been murdered for mere fashion choices. Http://www.Aina.Org/news/20111030133621.Htm

  • Yes, but so is every other religion.

    Every religion/view point is bashed by someone else who disagrees strongly enough. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, and even more so Pagans are all hated upon by others who disagree. We have a lot of crazy Christians that make the normal ones seem crazy. If there is an extremest in the group, there will always be hate.

  • Uh, no ...

    First of all, 77% of Americans identify themselves as Christians, according to Gallup. That pretty much automatically negates your argument. How can a free majority be bashed more?

    I for one am tired of Christians making victims out of themselves. They act like that the only thing that is "tolerant" in this world is teaching Christian ideals. Now if you were hardcore Christian you would automatically believe in that, since you would necessarily believe that shoving your religion down others' throats (assuming it works) would save them, so actually NOT forcing belief is an act of hate. That "logic" would naturally be opposed by all others.

    Yes, there are anti-theists out there. They say your belief is errant. They don't ever deny you rights.

    On the issue of schools, yeah I can see why someone can argue that teaching someone the logically reasonable things is wrong, because logically reasonable =/= good. But "good" is subjective and nobody has the same definition of "good", so the only thing we can teach is pretty much logically reasonable things...

    Stop complaining about us violating your "right" to violate others' rights. Please.

  • You have an entire political party...

    Lets run down the facts:

    77% of this country is Christian

    The founding documents of this country reference the Christian God many times

    All 44 presidents have been Christians

    More than 95% of politicians say "so help me God" when being sworn in

    There is an entire political party (which I am a member of) based on Christianity

    Many prevalent political opinions today are based on Christianity (abortion, gay marriage, ect.)

    Until around 1920, Christian beliefs were taught in schools

    Atheists are the most disliked minority in the country

    There has never been an atheist president or Governor, and only about 5 openly atheist members of congress

    Yeah, poor things...

  • No, they just don't get their own way.

    Because intelligent parts of the world are realizing that maybe it's not right to force prayer on people, or force religion on people, Christians are saying that they're being bashed for their beliefs... You people make up the majority of the American population. Just because you're offended doesn't mean you have the right to be. They just seem to be cry babies to me.

  • No they do it to every one else

    They (christian) always bash other religions and people so that is why no one treats them the way they wanna be treated so they should stop complaining and learn to accept it. Never in my life have i seen one christian bash for their religion but i have seen the other way

  • No- this is their paranoia.

    Frankly, it's getting a little old hearing the majority whine about people persecuting them. Christians make up 78% of the American public- who exactly is "constantly bashing" them? In fact, the Pew Forum and Gallup showed through their recent research that the most hated and maligned group in America is atheists, followed by Muslims then gays.

  • Christians are not bashed

    As someone who has personally been bashed physically and verbally for her sexual orientation, I can tell you that Christians should never use the word "bash" to describe how an opposing opinion may feel about them. They have no idea what it's like to have bricks thrown at you or be told you're going to burn in hell eternally for the way God made you. A Christian can say anything they would like to describe how someone may disagree with them or criticize them or even verbally abuse/them, but they should not be so ignorant as to use the word bash when there are people in this country today who actually die from being bashed by people who... Actually share Christian values and beliefs. Stop using the word bash! None of you are victims!!!

  • Christians Not Constantly Bashed

    Most religions, including Christianity, aren't bashed time and time again by the majority of people. In reality, a small group of people, including Atheists, tend to bash Christians for their beliefs. The public at large doesn't care what religion a given person practices as long as they keep their beliefs to themselves.

  • Christians are and aren't bashed.

    I am respectful of someone else's religion I understand your passionate about Christianity, however if you want people to respect your right to believe in God ..You have to respect other people's right not to. It is a two way street after all...A lot of other religions Buddhism dont expect society to join them that's why it's not being hated on so much, because some extreme Christians just get to the point where even if you say you don't believe in God or have no interest in learning from the bible, they continue to break any sort of desceny and tell you you're going to hell. I'm not expert in manners but ...Well yeah that isn't it. Also a lot of athiest get bashed for not believing ... You treat them with the respect they deserve and if they don't want to hear about God..Then yeah don't preach it to them. If you want to believe in God ...Than it should be your belief not a converting method to Christianity. If you want to believe in god that's fine with me, whatever you feel like but don't deny an athiest the right to say no I'm not interested stop telling me about this. The method used to convert people to Christianity is what's hated , if someone is interested in Christianity they will look for it, just don't impose it on people who may not want it.

  • Golden rule has been completely forgotten

    People like Kim Davis think they are being bashed because they are dissallowed, recently, from being able to preclude people who are unlike them from being treated fairly.

    Every time I hear a "Christian" rail against Levitcan proscription of gay behavior, I wonder if they've ever heard that Jesus demanded that they love their enemies and treat them as they would wish to be trested. THAT would be practicing their faith. Leave the punishment of sin up to God.

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