Does it take to long to punish those who violate the human rights of Romas?

  • It takes too long

    Does it take long to punish the violators and abusers of the Roma? Yes, because oftentimes they never get punished whatsoever. The fact is many people are simply bigoted against Roma and this needs to stop and so does the horrific abuse these people face on a nearly daily basis.

  • It takes far too long to punish people who violate human rights.

    It sometimes takes years to properly get through a trial and to punish someone who has violated the human rights of Romas. It shouldn't be a question whether to speed up the process or not, it should be done and the people who have violated it should be punished and not held at a lengthy trial.

  • Yes, justice is hardly ever swift.

    Yes, it takes too long to punish those who violate the human rights of the Romas, because no one is sure who has jurisdiction over the Romas or where they will settle. With the issue still being so unsettled, those who violate the rights of the Romas are falling through the cracks. It's unfortunate and a miscarriage of justice.

  • Punishment should be swift.

    I think that those that violate any human rights, and those of the Romas as well, should face swift justice to the fullest extent from their court of law. i think that any dallying around while people are being hrut is a terrible thing. I think that it takes too long.

  • A certain procedure

    No, It does not take all that long to get punished under the Romas for violating their human rights. They have certain process that they follow, and know how to handle different cases in a fair manner that will make sure a person is guilty first before being punished by them.

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