Does it violate the 4th amendment when schools drug test athlete students?

  • Yes it does

    Checking for drugs is illegal without a legal reason. A law enforcer cannot invade a citizens privacy without a legal reason, Therefore a student athlete cannot be tested through urine or blood because this would be invading a student athletes privacy. So i am basically typing now because i am filling the word count. Thank you for reading. Xoxo. Im a 13 year old......

  • Drug testing athletes does not violate the 4th amendment.

    If you agree that drug testing athletes violates the 4th amendment, then you must also make the leap that companies drug testing employees is also a violation of the 4th amendment. The 4th amendment only extends to the unreasonable search and seizure of personal property. Since people can no longer be deemed property in the United States, thanks to the 13th amendment, then the body is not protected by the 4th amendment. You would have to make the argument that your waste is property that belongs to you, but since most of us flush our waste, it is not property either and belongs to no one, since we discard it.

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