• Ivanka Trump is too politically powerful

    Ivanka Trump isn't just a powerhouse in the fashion industry, she's also taking the helm in several key areas related to her father's political career. This is deeply uncomfortable for the electorate: Trump should be able to make his own executive decisions without that much input (or nepotism) from his family.

  • Yes, Ivanka Trump has too much political influence

    Yes, Ivanka Trump has too much political influence. She is a business woman, said to be taking over the family business while her father is president. However, she has seemingly unlimited access to not only the U.S. government, but also foreign leaders. It's interesting that her father is making all kinds of declarations about lobbyists, etc. and yet, his own daughter is having undue influence.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I strongly believe that Ivanka Trump will have too much political influence. Trump's daughter will actually influence his presidency since he unabashed confidence in her. Ivanka has been quite vocal about women's issues throughout his campaign, it seems possible that her values are likely to influence him during his presidency.

  • She is a supportive daughter.

    In life, no one will protect a person like his kids will. Trump doesn't know who he can trust. Every person around him wants a little bit of his power. Trump knows that he can depend on his children. Only his family will truly have his best interests at heart. He is smart to give his children authority.

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