Does Jair Messias Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, Have responsibility for the mass deaths due to the coronavirus that occur in the country?

  • Yes, He is to blame.

    The president of a nation must be an example to be followed, A person who protects its population, But that was not what Bolsonaro appeared during his government. During the pandemic, He called Covid "just a little flu", Did not follow WHO protocols properly, Like wearing a mask correctly and not agglomerating, Rejected a nationwide lockdown, Saying such measures only made the poor poorer, Told people to "stop whining "about the situation, Publicly doubted about the effectiveness of vaccines and advocated remedies proven ineffective for the treatment of coronavirus, In addition to refusing 11 times lots of vaccines throughout the pandemic

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letic says2021-05-07T12:11:44.943
Yes, It is evident that the culprit of so many deaths in Brazil is the President who denied eleven offers of vaccine purchases. How is he not to blame? It's sad to face a worldwide disease with a representative who doesn't care for more than three thousand dead a day. I choose this theme today, Because I already lost hope what keeps me strong here is to believe that the Brazilian population, We, Are going to do something to change. Two days ago one of the greatest comedians died of complications from a disease that already has a vaccine, If this is not genocide, What is it?

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