Does Japan need to apologize to South Korea about "comfort women?"

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  • Some say Japan did say sorry but!

    Japan did say sorry. People know that. I respect that. But in recent years, Japan didn't act like they are sorry about this problem. And after Prime Minister Abe came in, the tension became worse. Japan has many disputes and tensions with South & North Korea along with China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Phillipines. If Japanese government acts like they are sorry and give Korea and China a sincere apology and don't lie on their textbooks and stop the island dispute and visit "comfort women" memorial, I will change the attitude about Japanese government.

  • Japanese needs to accept the truth, not apologize.

    The biggest problem is that the Japanese need to accept that this happened. Apologizing for something you never did is stupid, but to dismiss that it ever happened is ignorant of your past and disrespectful towards the victims. History needs to be correct, and the Japanese need to accept what happened during their imperial/colonization period.

  • I'm japanese and 100% supportive.

    Being a half-japanese half chinese, I constantly am confronted with this dark history of korean -japanese relations and their colonisation and war crimes during ww2. For true peace to achieve, I believe as a Japanese we need to abolish our so called nationalistic pride and apologise similar to Germany, and actually stop whitewashing our textbooks. That being said, I hope if this does actually happen Korea and China will forgive us and stop teaching anti-japanese propaganda. It's really that simple, but we can't get past it.

  • Need to apologize

    Japan needs to apologize to Korea. Japan had done something that it did not had to do. Did Japan apologize? No! Japan is only saying bad words about comfort women. Korea wants Japan to apologize with respect. Also apologizing will make the relationship between the countries to be better. I hope that Japan would apologize to Korea

  • It is not a matter of Japan apologizing, it is a matter of Korea being able to forgive Japan.

    Forgiveness is the issue here, and many victims feel they have not been compensated and justice has not been done. I do not believe that a "written apology" and a few thousand dollars compensates for years of sexual slavery and abduction. That isn't to say that Koreans should not forgive the Japanese, but I understand why the victims are still upset to this day. Some traumas cannot be cured by money and written apologies.

  • Already a non-issue.

    They've already apologized profusely for decades. Will no one let them live it down?
    It was a long time ago. Barely anyone alive today is capable of remembering that era. It was in the past.
    Japan is different now, so time to let it go. Forgive and forget. How else is the world going to be peaceful?

  • What? No no

    So suddenly, a country, or at least it's government, is suddenly responsible for a crime/action it did not commit? I find that appalling that some people still remember the old crimes that were not ordered; some people are responsible for these comfort women, but not the whole Japanese Nation and people.

  • Willingness to forgive.

    The older generation is unwilling to forgive Japan. All they are interested in is perpetuating unnecessary hatred and conflict where there should be none.

    Look at this Korean article:

    People just seem to enjoy inciting flames of rage wherever they can, even in odd coincidences such as the serial number of a plane.

    This is NOT the opinion of Koreans. This is a very vocal minority, who, against all reason, want to divide two countries that share common interests.

  • The important issue here is people should learn the history from the primary source.

    I hear most young generation in Korea cannot read Chinese character which is a must to read old documents and histories. Most comments and arguments these days seems to be based on what people believe from today's point of view. I feel very sad that most people accept only one-sided view point or preconceived idea that Japan tries to conceal the truth to save face. But the issue here is different. Japan admits the existence of comfort women and expressed apology, but cannot find any evidence that she coerced women systematically as a national project.

  • South Korea is ready to bite the hand that feeds it.  South Korea is return kindness with ingratitude.

    Instead of south korea government, Please accept our sincerest apologies for the falsifying and fabricating. I am truly sorry! I apologize to everyone in Japan.
    Korea is fabricated the data.
    Does Korea need to apologize to Japan about "comfort women? "

    Vietnam women(30, 000 people) who were forced to provide sex for South Korea troops.
    Does Korea need to apologize to vietnam about "comfort women? "

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Jifpop09 says2014-02-10T02:08:50.450
Democratic Japan is different then Showa Japan.

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