Does Jean-Marie Le Pen hold views that could be called sexist?

  • Le pen is a Sexist

    As evidenced by his views and statements, Jean-Marie Le Pen is absolutely a sexist. Anyone that claims otherwise is out of their mind. Le Pen has constantly made remarks that could easily be considered sexist. Therefore, we are safe to assume that he is indeed a sexist that doesn't deserve office.

  • Made Racist Comments in the Past

    Jean-Marie Le Pen has tried to win the French presidency as a far-right candidate and has lost several attempts to do so. Perhaps his racist and sexist comments made against the Roma people are one reason why Le Pen hasn't won an election yet. Although his own party supports him, Le Pen has found few friends in ordinary French citizens.

  • Yes she does.

    Jean Marie Le Pen does hold views that could be called sexist. Almost everyone has some ideas that most other people would call sexists, so of course Jean Marie Le Pen does. This in no way diminishes Jean Marie Le Pen as a person as she has a right to her views.

  • Racist and Anti-Semitic, Not Sexist

    Jean-Marie Le Pen has said many things, but not one of them has been sexist. Le Pen is mostly racist and anti-Semitic in his right-wing philosophies. His minority National Front has done very little in French politics and it should remain that way. Le Pen is a bad man, but not sexist just yet.

  • He is only trying to be progressive.

    No, Jean-Marie Le Pen is not sexist when he says that homemakers should be encouraged and compensated. Feminists have argued for this for years, saying that women who stay in the home are unappreciated, when they are doing the hardest job of all. It would be hypocritical to say that Le Pen is sexist for going along with what women have been clamoring for.

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