• Im 17 and i believe so... Please read

    I once had an experience, in that i was doubting God. I had a Bible(new testament) in my room when i wook up that morning and felt and urge to read it- I was 16 then and had a lot of worries and stress at the time- and as i started to read i felt so peaceful and close to Jesus at that time and i just felt so happy like in my heart and i believe God was with me then. I felt more able to deal with my problems with Jesus' help.
    Just imagine Jesus being near you when going through a problem and it makes it easier, and Talk to God about it and if you let God help you you will feel at peace. This is the honest truth, my family arnt overly religious or anything im just an average teen but God is such a part of my life now:)

  • Yes, Jesus answers prayers

    I highly support that Jesus answers prayers, only if you truly believe in his existence. All prayers can be answered if an individual fully devotes his whole character and soul into the belief of Jesus Christ. I personally pray and have seen that if I continuously pray that things to come to light.

  • He truly does.

    As long as your prayer is in alignment with the bible, He WILL answer your prayers, no matter how long it takes, and remember...It may not always be the answer you're looking for. Just remember to trust Him and have faith. Remember: He answers those who take time to listen, and He listens to those who take time to pray.

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