• Of course he does.

    I'm not going to get into this big argument about if he does or not. But, can any of you give me any other explanation on how anything exists today if he doesn't. Exactly, there is no other explanation. And don't try to think there is. Because I know you can't think of anything, decent.

  • Yes,yes he does.

    Well Jesus did exist a long time ago that's an undisputable historic fact but the question is here, does he exist now? Well it really depends on who you ask. If you ask someone who doesn't believe in Christianity (or any religion similar to it), they will most likely say no. However on the other hand if you ask a Christian such as myself than the answer you will get is inevitably yes.

  • Jesus exists it

    Says it in the Bible and it has historical facts that prove the existence of Jesus. All the Bible says about Jesus is true and for a fact. No one can question this but i want to see people try to prove his existence and what is true about him.

    Posted by: us
  • Yes very real

    He is real. I believe this because I went to a Christian school and learned about his history. He also answered my prayers when I need to talk to him or ask him anything. Another thing that made me fully convinced about the claims of Jesus was that a couple months ago, my mom was in a car crash and she was so close to dying. Over 3000 people prayed for her and she is the same, she isn't paralyzed or anything. Jesus saved her

  • Yes yes yes

    He is a life changer; nothing changes you as JEsus can. I can testify it through my life. I can see how without HIm - I wouldn't be the person who I am today. I have a best family, loving parents, good food, clothes, and a house. For sure I know, it is all because of Jesus Christ.

  • He does exist

    Because the creator of this debate did not limit this debate to jesus as a religous figure it is obvious that jesus did exsist. He was a real person who lived in jerusalem. It is irrelevant whether or not he was ressurected because this is a debate about whether he was in existence which he was. Thus, I win

    Posted by: haha
  • He is a real person

    Jesus was a real person. Because the creator of this topic did not say if they are limiting this debate to jesus as a religuous figure or not, it is a scientific fact that jesus was a real person. It is irrelevant whether or not he was resurrected because he did exist as a human being on earth in jerusalem, therefore jesus does exist.

  • Jesus does exist

    Yeah of course he exists. He mows my lawn and clips my hedges every weekend. In Hispanic counties there are thousands of Jesus'. But in all seriousness there was probably a Jesus who claimed to be the Messiah or savior, but he was never and will never be a son of God or member of some divine Holy Trinity BS...THERE IS NO GOD

  • Of course he does

    There is absolutely no doubt that Jesus did live, if anyone claims he did not then they are complexity ignorant.

    The debate has never been whether or not he existed because there is undeniable evidence that he did. The debate has been whether or not he is the son of God.

  • Based on Historical documents written by Romans, Yes

    Jesus of the Bible is a dubious character, but a man named Jesus was likely crucified as the "King of the Jews" according to roman historical documents. There are, however, no references to his miracles. Though there are references to him being a controversial figure/speaker. That said, he also probably wasn't Caucasian with brown hair and blue eyes.

  • Good job spelling the word does

    Jesus probably existED but is not chilling in Heaven. Most very historian agrees that Jesus Christ was alive, but what they disagree on is whether or not he was a real cosmic force. Because I'm an atheist and I have seen most evidence otherwise, I would say he did not in fact come from a pregnant virgin etc.

  • God is dead.

    God is dead because there is no evidence what so ever that proves that there is a god or if this so called "Jesus" has ever existed. If you want to believe in "him", than you need to find some pretty dumb ass friends, or a big group of friendly Christians.

  • Completely Made Up

    The Christian religion is the most perverse sham ever devised by human beings. Jesus is just a rip-off of other religions, and his followers are delusional hypocrites. I would rather live in a world without religion, and be able to question everything, than to be told that "Jesus" loves me, and that he "died" and "rose" for me. The historical records are silent, the cult of Christianity is strong, and the skeptics (such as myself) are angry that people believe such nonsense.

  • Show Me the Evidence

    Outside of religious accounts or post-Jesus (decades after) accounts there is absolutely no evidence of Jesus. If this person was the miracle worker, people gatherer, dragged through the streets to be crucified and the "son of God" there should have been many accounts of this person in Roman historical records or other non-Christian accounts of the time. But there are none. If you were to look at the Bible as folklore then it all makes sense. There never was a Jesus as portrayed in the Bible. He was just a hero figure like many other "heroes" of the time before, during and after the "time" of Jesus.

  • He probably existed.

    Currently no. Did he exist? Probably. Did he exist as how he's described in the Bible? Most certainly not. In fact, the similarities between the Jesus described in the Bible and how he actually was are probably few and far between. For all intents and purposes, it's safe to say that the Jesus as DESCRIBED by the Bible did not exist.

  • Oh god no.

    Jesus, Muhammad and all other religious figures are fake horse crap designed to convince you that evolution is fake and that the world is 6000 fricking years old. Christians aren’t buttfaces, but they are goddamn liars about what really fricking happened.

    Jesus is fake. Maybe he was real but dead.

  • Dead Jesus is dead.

    Most historians agree that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person that lived in the Middle East about 2,000 years ago. He had some pretty cool ideas about income inequality and compassion for your fellow man. However, any scientist worth his degrees will tell you it is virtually impossible for him to have come back to life three days after being killed by crucifiction. They will also tell you that based on all scientific principles and theories we currently know, the supernatural aspects of his life are virtually impossible as well.

    So: DID Jesus exist? Yes. DOES Jesus exist? Not anymore.

  • Jesus existed, he does not exist currently though

    Jesus of Nazareth has been dead for over two millenia. Therefore he does no exist any longer. He existed in the past but not the present. To suggest that he would exist now would require evidence to be provided showing that he is alive in the present time. There are very few experts who denied Jesus' existence entirely.

  • Strickly, no he does not.

    So even if Jesus existed (and we have no contemporary evidence to support he did) but even if he did, he was a human just like everybody else and when he (inevitably, whatever the cause was) died, he ceased to exist. Except as a memory or concept or whatever, but that is his memory, not himself.
    Jesus does not exist.

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