• I think so!

    I heard Alex is actually a femboy and is dating Steve. That's gay, Right? Yeah, That's totally gay. And don't even get me started on ROBLOX. Pssh! ROBLOX? Talk about road blocks! It's even gayer than a fruitbowl! I heard it used to be good back then, But I highly doubt it. It's been as gay as ever.

  • Mommy told me Roblox and Mincraft playrs go to heck

    Mommy told mi that roblox players go to fire land forever and that where daddy went to she said that Robles and gimcrack are bad tings and are going to the by by box because Jesus love everybody except robe lock an mi craft plagues and they are f***ing bad.

  • My mans Jesus loves minecraft

    My dog on Minecraft was called Jesus. Therefore, Jesus loved Minecraft. I would put it on those cart thingies (I forgot what the name was called yikes I'm such a veteran) and just push it down this huge ass rollercoaster I would spend WAY too much time building.

    Idk about Roblox doe. That game be kinda wack. I tried playing it once and it just wasn't it.

  • Jewsuys wuold luuv meincramf t and robl ox

    Jeewsus wuld lov it becuz he is jewsuss croissant and he gave his one adn only sun to us so tat twe culd heaven. Although the purportedly rigid dichotomy between the higher echelon's of competitive roblox and competitive minecraft is very apparent skill-wise. Competitive Minecraft is by and large less overrun with hacking, And thus it's meta-game thrives as it does. Roblox's fragmented nature inhibits it's competitive potential, As it would need servers of the likes of Minecraft's Hypixel to be at peak effectiveness.

  • Jesus is chill with these platforms because they aren't JRPGs.

    Jesus would much rather have you play with blocky black guys and bacon hairs than with the vast majority of female characters in JRPGs. Sure, Paula from EarthBound is Christian enough, But Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII is enough sin for Jesus, Not to mention one of the bosses from Trials of Mana. You know which one I'm talking about.

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