Does Jimmy Swaggart's indiscretions with prostitutes mean that his ministry should be discredited?

  • He is a hypocrite.

    Yes, Jimmy Swaggart's indiscretions with prostitutes means that his ministry should be discredited, because he preaches one thing and does another. A person who is going to be a teacher or minister should be willing to be judged more strictly. You can't preach a ministry with certain behaviors and then do the opposite and expect people not to question you.

  • It Would To Me

    As a result of Jimmy Swaggart's indiscretions with prostitutes he was defrocked by the Assemblies of God. To me this obviously discredited his ministry and his number of followers were reduced. I think it is unfortunate that people can preach, break long running Christian tenets, and then continue to preach. However, as long as his preaching doesn't fall on deaf ears, I'm sure he will continue.

  • Do as He Says, Not as He Does

    Jimmy Swaggart's motto is definitely "do as I say, not as I do." He is the most un-Christian man I can think of when it comes to asking for money for his ministry only to turn around and do the most disgusting things on the planet like pay for prostitutes and have homosexual relationships. He cheated on his wife all the while! There are many things that discredit Swaggart's ministry, including asking for large sums of money. It would be poetic justice if he died completely bankrupt.

  • No,Jimmy Swaggart's ministry does not need to be discredited because of his behavior.

    There's no need for Jimmy Swaggart's ministry to be discredited because of his behavior.If anything it will make him a better minister because he will have more empathy for the average sinner.The key would be for him to repent and try not to repeat his actions.NOW IF HE DOES IT AGAIN THAT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY.

  • Says little about his ability

    What about prostitutes means that Swaggart is less able to do his job? Prostitution is not inherently evil or immoral, and visiting prostitutes does not reflect on how a minister is able to perform his duties. People are very puritanical and like to project morals onto political figures in their country and others.

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