• A false prophet

    The bible plainly teaches us that it is easier to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of GOD. This means that a man holds dear to his riches more than his desire for GODS kingdom. It's called greed, corrupting ones mind with worldly goods over the blessings of GODS kingdom. Worldly vS spirituality. The two do not mix. Also this is not a ministry that God established." under no other foundation can you enter into gods kingdom,except through that which GOD established. GOD did not establish this mans ministry. Only the church named in New Testament scripture, shall be in heaven ROM. 16:16. To say otherwise calls GOD a lier.

  • Theft is not looked well on by God.

    A man of the cloth if exstacting large amounts of money from his church will perish spiritually. When I see these ministeres on tv obviously fleecing People for money I cringe because I anticipate god striking them down right there on camera. There needs to be accountability for how they take advantage of people so they can live lavish life stiles. They should be prosecuted just like some body on Wall Street that steals from unsuspecting individuals. There is no difference. Theft is theft. Just like medicine this is a humanitarian profession. An middle class income should be earned. If you want to earn tons of money become a CEO of a large Corp or open a lucrative business. There is nothing different in passing the plate on Sunday morning or at what is commonly called a revival or camp meeting and televangelist that fleece people for money on tv the money should go back out to needy people not for buying jets and high dollar homes and cars. I I courage you to talk to your senator about passing laws to protect the unsuspecting people that get caught up in there deception.

  • To Me, It Does

    As a professor of a faith, I do not believe the people who preach should keep they money funded through the church. When a preacher does this and displays those monies for the world to see, I do believe it dilutes the value of their ministry. There is a tipping point between getting a wage for providing a service and taking advantage of people.

  • Yes, it does.

    The money making focus of his ministry is obvious anytime you turn on his SBN station. There are always expensive books, dvds, cds, and so on being sold. There are fund raisers to make money to keep the station on air. Yet, he lives in a large expensive house, has nice cars, and nice things. If the focus were truly ministry that money would have been used on it rather than getting his family rich.

  • Jimmy Swaggart Needs to Retire

    Jimmy Swaggart's net worth casts doubt as to the value of his ministry. If the pastor gets into massive amounts of debt while trying to live a lavish lifestyle, there is something wrong. Even looking at his life as a Christian is suspect--he's confessed to cheating on his wife, plus he makes a lot of money while those he ministers to need money. Swaggart needs to retire.

  • No, No Guts No Glory. Over coming shame is Vital for Growth. Money is Neutral it simply reveals character.

    Oh happy day, The traps of the 7 deadly sins are even more dangerous today as the devil no longer hides in the shadows. Sadly he is worshipped openly and the poor sheep now run to the father of lies.

    It would be so simple to quit and die in shame but its never easy to stand up and say God has Greater work for a person to deliver than drown in sin, Sorrow, And defeat. There is good in the music and honestly of the bible that our culture of death would miss with out Jimmy's comeback. Im happy to see him on my TV again. A breath of fresh air. MJ in Seattle. WA

  • Jimmy Swaggert is righteous in the eyes of God!

    Ye who are without sin, You cast the first stone. I’m sorry some feel they are so Holy. I guess they died on the cross and not Christ, Since their judgement is the only truth.
    They said the same of Jim Baker which was not true. You need to ask God for forgiveness yourselves.

  • Author, singing artist - that's how JS makes money

    This is the same old argument used with every televangelist - they live a great life so they must be keeping the money folks donate. People, Jimmy Swaggart writes books and records his music on CD's which people then buy - HE owns the copyrights, therefore HE profits from the sales of same. No different than Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and all the others who use the same platform. I wish the financial records were available for all to see, but it's not a requirement for a 501-3C to disclose them. $1.5 million isn't a lot for a lifetime of producing albums and books, and a $726,000 home for Donnie is spit compared to the compound Joyce Meyer lives in. If I had recorded nearly 50 albums I would certainly hope I could sell them for a million bucks. Stop this ridiculous jelousy over the Swaggart ministry. They work very hard and are spreading the true gospel worldwide.

  • No, there is no doubt that net worth effects the value of Swaggart's ministry.

    No, there is no doubt thrown around due to Jimmy Swaggart's net worth. I believe this to be the case because someone's net worth should have no effect on other aspects of people's lives. The two are completely separate from one another and should remain separate from one another. Swaggart's worth has nothing to do with his ministry.

  • Swaggart's net worth does not devalue his ministry to followers.

    People who follow Jimmy Swaggart and who donate to his ministry have a responsibility to themselves. That responsibility is to determine where their donations are going. Once they are informed, it is their choice where to donate their money. There are many people who have benefited from the message that he sends.

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