• Directly related income.

    To me at least, when there are a rise in jobs, that means there is income coming in from somewhere. When i think income is rising for some, money will be spent and therefore income is rising for someone else, creating a pattern. Job rise to me means the income and economy are rising.

  • More extras to go around.

    Yes, job growth indicates the economy is improving, because when there are more people being hired into jobs, it means that employers have more money available to hire people. It means that employers have more business than they can handle without more employees to do the work. It is a sign that the economy is moving and healthy.

  • Yes, job growth does indicate that at least some economic improvement is taking place.

    Of all the many complex economic measures used by pundits and analysts to track economic activity, those relating to unemployment and job growth have the advantage of being directly related to what should be our primary concern when it comes to the economy: do all the people of our society have a means of supporting themselves. While economists may argue that other measures are more meaningful, ultimately I think it would behoove them to remember that the whole reason we want our economy to be strong is for the material welfare of our people, and what better way to measure this than through job growth numbers.

  • Job Growth is not a Good Indicator of a Growing Economy

    Job growth in itself just means there are jobs but does not indicate if they are part time jobs or full time jobs. It also does not specify how many of those jobs are being picked up by more than one person. A person who requires more money may hold two or more jobs depending on their needs. Job growth does not specify the quality of employment needed to fulfill those jobs. And the quality of the jobs are always in question when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the employees, or if the employee has extra money to toss around for luxury and wishful items.

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