Does John Ive need to take a more active role in being a public face of Apple?

  • cleary he does

    I don't even know who that is, and in all of my jobs I have learned a lot about apple. I used to work for AT&T when they were the only ones who had the legal rights to sell the iPhone. Never heard of this guy, not once. Clearly needs to be a bit more publicly active.

  • Yes, as I hardly ever hear his name being mentioned

    Imagine a great product designer such as John Ive, who gets virtually no public recognition. Seems crazy, but maybe he likes it that way?

    However, from Apple's point-of-view, I think they should encourage John Ive to move much more into the spotlight. Not only would he be able to offer interesting articles and interviews around his design ethos, but he would simultaneously be able to promote Apple and its' products.

  • No Need Ive To Become Public Face of Apple

    John Ive should not become the public face of Apple. He is the chief ideologist, designer, that makes Apple what it is. So more focus on his core duties, which - no argument - he is doing best and Apple will continue to be worlds number one. If Apple needs more new public faces, I am sure they have enough people on the payroll to play that role.

  • Not So Much

    Generally these companies don't need a active public face. I feel like they're better off when their products take the lead. I think Apple has made a few mistakes recently but they need to make changes to fix it, not just a talking head. Jobs did an interesting job, but we don't need copy cats.

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