Does John Kerry deserve to be secretary of state?

  • Yes he does

    John Kerry has been a United States Senator for many years. He has extensive experience in dealing with foreign affairs through his work in the Senate and through trips abroad in both his personal and political life. He is a former candidate for US president and is well known to many foreign figures. One may have disagreements with Senator Kerry over political issues, but objectively there is no reason to think he is unqualified for the position.

  • Long history

    Both sides of the aisle widely consider him to be one of the most qualified people for the position available, his international relations history is extensive. This is a position he's been preparing to take for a while and the fact that there was so little debate when he was nominated is all that needs to be said about how qualified he is considering how argumentative Washington is.

  • He is Perfect for the Job

    John Kerry is one of the most respected and most senior people in government right now. He is well known and liked by leaders all around the world, and he is liked among his peers in Congress. He is probably one of the best candidates for Secretary of State. The only bad thing is that it will leave his Democratic seat open for a new election.

  • Kerry Deserves the Position

    I believe that John Kerry deserves the position of Secretary of State. The spot will be free and I think he is a good candidate. He is very much qualified for the job and has exceeded in all of his previous positions during his political career. Obama should give him the job.

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