Does John McCain's age have a negative impact on his ability to lead this country as President of The United States?

  • He is senile

    He forgets that he is a Republican most of the time. He spends most of his time supporting illegals, instead of working for America. I don't think he has any idea what he is doing.
    He needs to step down, and retire to an assisted living home. Maybe a recall election could be called for.

  • Yes, I believe that John McCain's age has a negative impact on his perceived ability to lead the country - it makes him seem less of a strong leader.

    John McCain's age certainly has a negative impact on his perceived ability to lead our country. His advanced age makes him seem like a weaker choice against younger candidates, even though he brings valuable experience with him. Also, it makes his running-mate seem even more important, which certainly hurt him in the last election.

    Posted by: NeedlessOctavio75
  • I believe John McCain's age negatively impacts his ability to lead the United States, because it subconsciously implies that he is too old.

    Despite his credentials and military background, it is justifiable to doubt John McCain's ability to effectively lead the United States because of his age. Being President is considerably stressful, with lots of information to remember and be on top of. John McCain's age makes one doubt the capacity in which he could effectively do that job. With increased age comes the increased chances of health problems, along with forgetfulness and confusion. We do not need that chance in the White House right now.

    Posted by: ShowRace
  • Yes, I believe John McCain's age would have negative impact for our country, because we need a president less likely to have health issues.

    I believe we need a younger candidate for president because he isn't fit enough to be president. We need a president who is in good health, and one who will not possibly have health issues while in office. Our country could appear weakened if our leader is weakened. A younger, more fit president would look like a stronger leader in the eyes of other nations, as well as in the eyes of our citizens.

    Posted by: EdgeI4w
  • Although McCain appears quite capable presently, he will be 76 the next election, and by then may be more mentally, physically diminished.

    John McCain appears to be in good health and has not exhibited any signs of forgetfulness or instability. He can probably do a good job in the senate for many more years if his health continues. However, the presidency is a high stress, highly demanding job, and it requires someone who is at the top of his/her game. With the next election he will be 76 and that is just too old to be dealing with the constant intake of information and clear headed decisions needed in running one of the most powerful nations on earth.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I believe that there is a point at which advanced age becomes a handicap in terms of likely deterioration of health.

    Although age brings much experience, there is a limit. A man of McCain's age is at significantly increased risk of sudden death or significant health deterioration. Despite the fact that we have a system, in this country, to handle the death or incapacitation of the President, it would still cause disruption.

    More worrying, however, would be subtle mental degradation that might impair his judgment without being obvious to those around him.

    Posted by: C0urtIight
  • Senator John McCain is too old to be President.

    The Average American lives for about 70 years. McCain is over 70 now. Imagine had McCain become President and died in the first year of his term, then we would by default have Palin as President. Palin, politically, has a lot of baggage and inexperience. That is one reason why Obama is president. I would be concerned having a elder President with an ethically questioned Vice President soon to take over.

    Posted by: EWeston
  • I think he is too old to understand the issues that are important to younger generations.

    Our country and the world changed rapidly in the last several decades. John McCain hasn't had to look for a job or health insurance in the last several decades, doesn't know how to use a computer, and doesn't know what the average American's life is like. His background is in the military and in politics, which is not "the real world" for most people.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • He seems out of touch and living in the past.

    He flip flopped on immigration and pandered the religious right. His issues are no longer his issues. He is not a maverick; he is a hack. Picking Palin showed a lack of common sense. He truly is a disappointment to the centrist republicans. He had potential in 2000, but alas, his time has passed. The GOP needs young fresh and new ideas. McCain is not the answer.

    Posted by: CheIBurke
  • His age is a detractor mainly because he can't identify with the problems we and future generations will face.

    Yes, age brings wisdom and perspective but within reason. At some point, it is a conflict of interest to decide, for instance, whether to grant universal insurance when you are in Medicare years. I know it isn't PC to have this view, but it is unrealistic to think that an 80 year old has the same investment in the future as a 35 year old.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • I disagree that John McCain's age has a negative impact on his leadership abilities, because age is just a number.

    Age is just a number, and should not be used as a tool when determining who is or isn't a fit leader. This would be like saying an African-American or a female is a questionable leader. It doesn't come down to age, when determining how fit someone is as a leader.

    Posted by: AnnoyedDong77
  • Age does not, in and of itself, determine the ability of an individual to provide leadership.

    John McCain is not a young man, but he enjoys very good health, especially considering what he went through in Vietnam). A much younger person could easily be in far worse health, which would impair his ability. The bottom line on this is that age is not the most important factor in determining the capability of an individual to function properly in a leadership position. That said, because age brings with it the potential for degeneration of cognitive abilities, it is important for a person of advanced age to be monitored and receive proper care and nutrition. One might also mention proper rest, but individual requirements vary. The much younger George W. Bush apparently was quite unhappy if he had to miss his afternoon nap, whereas McCain rarely indulges in one.

    Posted by: N0thingRaIPh
  • His age only signifies that he has more years of experience to bring to the position.

    Many people gain experience and wisdom as they age. This would serve to make an older gentleman or lady more valuable in the seat of the President. An oft-associated argument decrying a person's age is their associate health which, in John McCain's case, could be an issue. These health concerns are not brought up, and to undermine his ability based solely on his age has tones of ageism.

    Posted by: NimbleCharley33
  • John McCain's age does not have a negative impact on how he can lead this country, because he brings a lot of experience with him.

    John McCain's age does not have a negative impact on the type of leader he could be. He has a lot of experience, so this is actually something that he has going for him. Because of his experience, he would actually be a better leader then someone who is significantly younger with very little experience.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • John McCain's age makes no difference in his leadership abilities.

    Age, whether young or old, makes no difference in terms of one's leadership abilities. Some people are just born leaders. There are teenagers and children who make huge contributions to society just as there are people in their 80s and 90s who make a big impact. Age should not be a factor in determining presidential ability.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • John McCain's age in no way negatively affects his ability to lead the country as President of the United States.

    What does age have to do with his leadership abilities? All age does is give him more experience in how to lead and get things done. Only in the event of an age-related illness, such as dementia or Alzheimer's, would it affect his ability. If anything, having more years of experience would make him a better candidate for president.

    Posted by: 5h4tAnkI
  • No, it would not be an issue at the time of election.

    The oldest president that we have had in the United States is Ronald Reagan. He was 69 - just one year shy of John McCain's age. And, everyone loved him. And, I don't remember people regarding him as the President that was older than dirt. The sickliest president that we have ever had was Kennedy, and he was also the youngest. And, one who didn't live out his term. So, age is not an indication of much when it comes to the Presidency. If the candidate is shown to be, by the people's vote, the best man for the job then he is. If, after office, something that could be attributed to his age begins to negatively effect his performance, the people do have options. But, McCain should not be discriminated against because of his age. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • John McCain's age doesn't hinder his ability to lead the country, because with age comes a certain amount of wisdom and experience, which he possesses both.

    McCain has went through experiences that give him character, wisdom and empathy toward his fellow citizens in certain circumstances. His age takes nothing away from these experiences or what he has to offer his country, he is healthy and his mind is as sharp as ever, making him a valuable leader for the USA.

    Posted by: Z Frye
  • Other countries routinely have leaders who are past 80.

    In Asia, age isn't viewed in the same light as the USA. For instance, in China, real political power doesn't start until you hit 70. At eighty, you are considered ready for top leadership. This cultural attitude doesn't seem to inhibit the Chinese. For John McCain specifically, he is in great shape, in full mental capacity, and has a great deal of experience with the right temperament. No, his age isn't a factor

    Posted by: BWade

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