• He's an icon

    He is an icon and has captained the English team for a long time, and the value of the person as a figure head on the team is worth far more than whatever his strengths or weaknesses as a player may be. The English team seems to have a chance at the world cup.

  • Yes, they should keep John Terry.

    Yes, I really do think that John Terry deserves to remain in place as the captain of England's team. While he's a bit long in the tooth at 33 going on 34, he's still producing some decent results in football for England. I don't see any reason for England to change captains at this time.

  • Terry should remain captain.

    Terry is the best possible leader the English team is going to have. Yeah, he's had a couple of mishaps and isn't quite as good as he once was, but the intangibles are impossible to replace. If England loses him as a captain, they lose the essance of their entire team.

  • Un-sportsman Like Conduct

    I do not believe John Terry deserves to stay as captain of England's team. While he has had a long running career his last few seasons have been mired with controversy and he's also presented un-sportsman like conduct. For these reasons I believe it is best to allow someone else the position of captain.

  • Change the captain.

    I don't think John Terry should remain the captain of England's team. This is because he has had some scandals that are hard to carry over into the professional world with grace. He reportedly got a team-mate's girlfriend pregnant, and that already can cause a lot of infighting and reduce overall unity on the team.

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