• At this point, why not?

    I know Manziel has had his off the field issues, but the Browns are going nowhere. Why not give him a chance? He deserves a chance and just needs to mature. He's a young kid and needs a second chance to grow up. Also, the Browns have nothing to play for. Why not give him a shot and see if he can be a franchise QB?

  • Johny Manziel QB

    Johnny Manziel has worked hard during his entire career to be QB, and I believe that he deserves to fulfil his biggest dream and be the starting QB for the Browns. Many disagree but this is his life's dream and what he has been working toward since he was a small boy.

  • Johnny Manziel is just not there yet

    After showing so much promise as a college quarterback Johnny Manziel has struggled tremendously in the NFL. He has a 1-4 record and has only been able to throw for 5 touchdowns in 11 games. He's just starting out but you have to perform at an elite level consistently when in a professional league. He would be more effective, for now, as a backup quarterback while he strives to get better.

  • If Quarterbacks Could Score Touchdowns With Tequila Shots

    If world class surgeons and pilots aren't allowed to drink before they're scheduled to work why do we even entertain the idea that high paid football players like Johnny Manziel deserve the chance to hop on the field as the starting quarterback for the Browns? Same big paycheck. Manziel can wait for off season when he has a real reason to celebrate.

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