• Yes. I beilieve that Judaism does support the death penalty.

    Judaism does support the death penalty. The simple fact that in it's teaching Judaism has at heart the philosophy of an eye for an eye should make it clear enough that even in the simple case of murder that the punishment should fit the crime and that the murderer ought to be condemned to death.

  • I think it sort of depends, if one gets the drift.

    Not all Jewish people, regardless of their stripes, are left-wing liberals who are against the death penalty. Many Jews, in fact, are quite conservative, right-wing and reactionary and do support the death penalty. It has nothing to do with religion, at all, but just with ideology, outlook and experience in life.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Judaism Supports Death Penalty

    Judaism supports the death penalty in various ways. The Torah allows for humans to impose death upon other humans for various reasons and under various circumstances. Judaism is like many other religions in this way. With that in mind, the death penalty as a state-instituted thing is another issue altogether.

  • Judaism supports the death penalty

    I believe if one to adhere explicitly to the rules and regulations as set forth within the bible, then yes they would inherently support the death penalty. There have been numerous forms of administrative punishment as set forth by the bible, and they pretty much follow the eye for an eye methodology.

  • Most religions do not support the Death penalty.

    I'm Christian, but what I've studied about Judaism, nothing that I have read supports the claim that Judaism supports the death Penalty. God gives you life, and only God will give you death. From what I know, Humanity supports the death penalty. Not religions. At least not the the main branches of religion.

  • Judaism does not support the death penalty.

    Judaism does not support the death penalty. The state of Israel has abolished the death penalty for any crime that is now likely to be tried there. Jewish courts very rarely used the death penalty before. They do not like to use capital punishment in their country and are likely not to use it ever again.

  • No religiously it does not

    No from a religious stand point Judaism is not pro death penalty, but then again most religions are not either. Most people don't look to their religion when making decisions like this. Most religions teach that it is not up to humans to decied whether or not other humans live or die.

  • It depends on the branch.

    I think that some branches of Judaism support the death penalty, but I think that most do not so I am going to say no. Some branches may because I believe the quote "an eye for an eye" is in the Torah. However, the largest group of Jewish people are the Reformed branch. They interpret things differently and I don't think they are for the death penalty.

  • Not In Context

    I do not believe Judaism supports the death penalty. There is of course death and killing in the Torah, however God doesn't really approve of judging others and in order to give a death penalty, you are clearly judging another human being. I believe people support the death penalty, not religions.

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