Does Judge Kopf grossly overstep his bounds with his off the hook comments?

  • Judge Kopf crossed the line again

    Judge Kopf is no quiet justice, however this time he stepped way out of bounds. A man of his age should be ashamed of using " STFU" to anyone, especially his peers in the Supreme Court. He would be wise to publicly apologize and take a step down. He is no stranger to stirring up troulbe and perhaps this job is all too much for him.

  • Yes, I believe he did.

    A man in his position should be able to have a little restraint. He could have said he disagreed with the ruling without using such foul language and being so offensive. I get that he is known for this type of behavior, but it is still despicable to me coming from a judge.

  • No, Judge Kopf does not overstep his bounds.

    Judge Kopf chose to write about a recent Supreme Court decision on his personal blog. In his blog post, he addressed the Supreme Court using curse words. While some may disagree with the opinions he expressed, and others may find his language disrespectful, Judge Kopf in no way overstepped his bounds. First and foremost, Judge Kopf's comments were made on his own personal blog and were in no way said in his official capacity as a judge. Second, as a federal judge, Judge Kopf has every right to comment on a decision made by the highest court in the United States. Judge Kopf is naturally very interested in the decisions made by the Supreme Court and should be expected to make comments about them.

  • Freedom of Speech

    No, Judge Kopf did not overstep his bounds with his off the hook comments, because he has a right to free speech just like anyone else. A person in the judicial system has to be able to criticize the judicial system. Otherwise we will never have improvement. They have to be able to speak their mind, even if it is onerous.

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