• The gay is to much for words.

    Did you see the headline? The gay is to much for the non gays to comprehend. He is so gay that the world quivers in front of his gayness. He is the homo king. The king of gays. He is fabulous. He is the king, And Zen is the queen.

  • He gay boi

    He's gay. He is so gay that the moment you look at him you can say that "wow, He gay“. I have nothing else to say. Potato Potato Potato potato potato potato more Potatoes moar Potatoes moar even moar Potatoes lalalala he very very very gay. This is gay fellas.

  • Jumin Han does Gay

    Jumin Han has been seen Gay a couple times. For example, He tells you in the Casual Route, “It is quite fun to tease Zen even if Assistant Kang does not approve”. He also goes to Zen In Zen’s route and they both end up getting along. Coincidence? I think Not! After all, Zen is Obviously Tsundere towards Jumin. And Jumin acts calm and besides, They are opposites and opposites attract. And that is why Jumin Han Does Gay

  • DOeS jUmIn HaN iS gAy?! Yes. Jumin is gay. But he is not European. 707 was right. As usual.

    Okay, so... I think Jumin is gay. You may think I'm wrong, but there is evidence to prove it. I'm not going to repeat what everyone else said, so yeah. Jumin, as far as I have seen, loves to tease + be mean to Zen, and get a reaction from him. This could indicate that he has a habit of hiding his feelings through being mean. Even Elly thinks he's gay. We all know it's true. *insert Gay or European*

  • Jumin Han Exposed

    This little boy has said he was going to send Zen roses to win him over, this little boy has asked Zen if he was imagining his bed. If y'all think that's straight you got another thing coming and it's this truth. I have played both Zen's and Jumin's route and they have a LOT of chemistry. I love my boys and I enjoyed both of their routes. I'm saying this as a bisexual girl, but Jumin could possibly be attracted to men.

  • Seems to be bisexual in my opinion.

    Jumin has a route where he is mcs boyfriend. But he acts gay for zen. Such as did you just picture my bed. And there are apparently routes where they are together. Jumin is only as gay as the route wants him to be or at the proper time. This is just my opinion.

  • The rumors may be true.

    Jumin Han should be gay, seen in one of the routes. Though he keeps declining, there should be many evidence that he is gay, or bisexual. It is shown in Zen’s route in one of the chat rooms, Jumin asked Zen if he was imagining his bed, later on asking if Zen likes him as in boyfriend and boyfriend, probably feeling flustered in the end. Zen then started freaking out, giving responses like; ”You're crazy!! What the hell dude!”. It is shown that Jumin takes no emotional response on it though, being the laid back person he is. This could be one of the evidence that he in indeed homosexual and is stuck in a one sided love.

  • The rumour true: Jumin Han does is gay

    Jumin Han is gay is the most discussed in the deep route in the one years ago. Even it has happened in 2016, but some of the RFA still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumour comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive internet meme.

    The RFA, especially Elizabeth the Third are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumour which is spread massively. This time is not about his C&R career, but his bad rumour. The rumour is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this businessman revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumour is really much talked by people even in a person of his chat room.

  • Of course he is

    Jumin Han is as straight as the wedding ring on his finger, cuz HE'S MARRIED TO ZEN, PEEPS. I'M SORRY, ALL OF YOU ZEN FANGIRLS, BUT JUMIN IS TOO GAY FOR Y'ALL. LOL HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • He gey for zen

    He gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zenhe gey for zen

  • He aint gay fujoshits

    In the English version, 707 was making fun of Jumin for being 'gay'. Whereas in the Korean version, 707 was making fun of him for being virgin at the age of 28.

    --END QUOTE--

    P. S Explain to me fujoshits, Why the fuck do you think everything is gay and squeal over it? Ciel x sebastian yuck

  • Jumin is not gay

    Here in the English version of the game, We see the characters making fun of Jumin for being 'GAY', But in the korean version, The characters were making fun of him for being virgin at 28 years. I don't get why you fujoshi like to think everything is gay CIELXSEBASTIAN Yuck

  • I don't think he is gay.

    He acts gay but I mostly think he is teasing his friends. He often teases his friends to make them annoyed, Cause he enjoys it. Obviously is just tryna get zen mad at him. He might not hate women, He just sees no reason to be with them, Since he probably never had someone love him.

  • Could be gayer.

    He has a route where he acts very hetero, But rumors don't come from nothing right? He could be gayer though.

    All in all this is a question that might never get an answer. It's just way too complicated. We will never find out, But forever we'll keep asking ourselves:

    Does Jumin Han is gay?

  • Jumin is not gay!

    He is not gay he is straight. I don't support Jumin x Zen. The only reason 707 asks Jilin if hes gay is because 7 is gay for Hooding. So quit saying Junina's han is gay. The only reason Jumin helps out zen is because he cares for him like a brother not a boyfriend

  • Could be gay

    It depends what route you are doing. Some chatrooms do have some 'incriminating' info (like Zen imagining Jumin's bed) it really just depends on the fanbase and/or the chatrooms. So yes, he could be gay, but really, I do ship Zen x Jumin so he could be... Like I said, it depends.

  • He. Is. Not. Gay.

    Jumin Han is not gay. Want proof? I'll give you some god damn fucking proof. IF JUMIN HAN WAS GAY, WHY WOULD HE BE MARRIED TO ME???? HUH???? ANSWER THAT INTERNET! Jumin Han is not gay Jumin Han is not gay Jumin Han is not gay Jumin Han is not gay

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