• People hate him for his looks and they think its 'cool' to say they don't like him.

    He deserves respect even if you don't like him or his music, you have to admit he was born with talent. Anyone who has watched Never Say Never should know that he hasn't just had overnight success, he worked so hard to be where he is and he deserves it. At 2, he started playing the drums and with virtually no lessons, he learned the guitar, drums and piano. He picked things up quickly, unlike most people. He has talent.

  • Positives over the negatives

    He has done many generous things involving the world, including charities, donating money, and actual hands-on projects in Guatemala. People take the idea of "respect" as in thinking they have to like him, or he should he respected for being rich and famous. Being famous is NOT what gives you respect. I think Justin deserves great respect for doing all these great deeds to the world. If you just take 5 minutes out of your life to focus on the good things he has done, they have totally outweighed his foolish teenage acts. HE'S ONLY 19 YEARS OLD!!!

  • Yes!! He Does!!!

    I'm not a fan, but I do think the kid has some real talent. He can sing, play guitar, and play the drums. That takes some crazy talent, and talent deserves respect. You don't have to like him to respect him, and a lot of people think you do. He's worked hard for what he has gotten.

  • Yes, he deserves it.

    I am not a fan of Justin Beiber but as I know, he has been worked hard in his singing career. Some people said that he is gay, jackass but he has had many girlfriends already. When a person is well-known so easily, there would be many haters who are skeptical toward him. If I was JB and I sang badly, it would not mean that I abjure it.

  • Yes, he does deserve more respect.

    While I would be the first to admit that I am anything but a fan of Justin Bieber, I would also like to say that he is a superstar. Obviously he appeals to a number of people, and for that we should show him some respect. He deserves better than we give him.

  • Don't like his music but respect him

    He's a lightning rod like many pop stars... Easy to hate and sings songs made to sell not push the limit, but he has an amount of talent for being able to get up there and sing and dance. Plus he makes millions, has tons of women literally begging to sleep with him and posts cheeky stuff on twitter. Can't bring myself to listen to him, but i respect what he's done!

  • Yes, He Does!

    I only like Justin Bieber for his songs, but I believe he deserves more respect and that everyone should treat each other equally. He is a great person because he cares for the people who have cancer. He respects all the fans and the haters, and has a talent. Never judge someone by their looks, but their actions. By the way, I am kind of a fan of him.

  • Justin Bieber Deserves More Respect.

    Justin Bieber writes his own songs on his albums and he has a really great life. He deserves more respect because he is one of the most famous people in the world. He does his best to make his fans happy, and he respects everyone, even the people who don't respect him.

  • Obviously he deserves more respect!!!

    He has been a rebel but who woudnt when u were filthy rich and could do just about everything at the age of 15! His songs are great . People dislike because there jealous of him and call him gay when it is very obvious he isn't , I mean he's had load of girlfriends

  • He so does! Everyone likes to see all the bad in him but they forget all the good he does too!

    Yeah we all know what happened back in 2013-14 when he went through a phase of a 'rebel' but he was a millionare at the age of like 15 people that are famous that young obviously have to have a fall and a time where they need to find themselves and who they are and i'm sure everyone human on this earth has done something stupid too. They've had a time where they have made a bad action and you regret it and justin says he does regret everything he's done and he even apologised at his Bieber roast at 21st b-day saying he's SORRY for everything he's done! WAKE UP EVERYONE HE HAS MORE TALENT THAN ANYONE YOU KNOW, YOU ONLY HATE HIM CAUSE U'VE SEEN HIM GET PICKED UP FOR DUI, SPIT ON FANS ETC but u no what i bet you didn't no that he raised (with help of his fans) $3 million dollars for the phillipines, he built a school in a 3rd world country, he has the record for make-a-wish foundation, a 1 year old girl called avalanna (she had cancer) loved justin so he flew her to NY and brought her on stage and loved her so much and when she died he dedicated a whole concert to her alond with a whole other list of good stuff so y don't u search up all the good he's done instead of all the bad and just remeber he's only human and everyone makes mistakes once or twick and you need to forgive and forget

  • He seems to have a problem

    Grabbing boobs, saying rape happens for a reason instead of saying its bad, being a jerk to everyone on the CSI set that he was in, smoking weed, this list can go on and on, Justin is a negative influence on children and should not have as much respect as he has.

  • No he does not

    Justin Bieber is simply an overprivileged, talentless "singer" that has been foisted on teenage girls to make certain CEO's of record companies even richer. He's a horrible pop performer that's simply a disgrace to music and should not be praised or promoted whatsoever within our society or within the music industry.

  • Respect is Earned, not deserved.

    Justin Bieber has shown no reason for anyone to give him more respect. In fact, he has shown reasons why he deserves "less" respect. He is disrespectful to his fans, to his friends, to the LAW, his home country and himself. He frequently gets into trouble and fights. The real question is why does anyone have respect for him at all?

  • He doesn't deserve my respect.

    Respect is earned, not granted. Wealth, clothing, fame, and attractiveness do not warrant the respect of others. Justin Bieber, I think, expected respect because those traits are in his possession. He is cocky, and arrogant, and cannot fathom why anyone would boo him. Respect isn't awarded by fame. Personally, I do think that some of his music is good. But when I look on the news (or in the media in general) I really dislike how cocky and arrogant this boy is. I'm sick of celebrities thinking that because they have money, or because they're popular, they deserve this respect that people should clap for. It's disgusting. Maybe, just maybe, if he cleaned up his act, I could be a fan. But it looks like that day isn't coming.

  • Bad actions get bad reactions

    When he smoked weed little 12 year olds cut themselves so he would stop. But what does he do? He continues smoking and saying "rape happens." It would be different if somebody he knew was raped. And when he received an award from Canada he showed up in overalls and a white shirt when it was a formal occasion. If he doesn't respect even the prime minister why should we respect him?

  • Justin Bieber does not deserve any more respect.

    No celebrity deserves respect just because they are famous. Justin Bieber was lucky to have been picked out then, but he doesn't have an exceptional voice, his entire fan base is tween-age girls.
    Those who are older have lost respect for him, after seeing him act poorly. He has now developed a fear of flying objects. He was a nobody, then was made famous by his mentor. The true people are those who are not thrown into fame, but those who slowly earn their fame. So Justin Bieber doesn't deserve respect for his career or anything.

  • No. He deserves much less respect.

    Look at how the kids been acting for the last year alone. Kids look up to him as a role model. He doesn't deserve this much respect when all he's done is prove to be an awful role model. He's disappointed and negatively influenced these children in so many ways. He's a cocky little jerk. I wish people would stop worshiping him. It's awful. I can't wait for kids to outgrow him.

  • He's a Bad Role Model.

    Justin started out as that sweet male singer that everyone hated to admit they like. And, as of late, he seems to be a bit irresponsible, saying things like "rape happens for a reason," as well as hanging out around rappers and Victoria's Secret models, who I don't associate with his target audience of tween-age girls. You need to earn respect, it isn't something you just ask for.

  • No he doesn't deserve more respect just because he has a lot of fans.

    While Justin Bieber is an interesting character with one heck of a following of fans, this does not mean automatically that he should be given any more respect than he already has now. I would say that he already has a lot of respect from the media, so why give him more?

  • He sucks horribly

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