• Kpop can suck deez nuts

    I can’t even scroll past a YouTube comments section without some 14 year old fangirls screaming “OMG Junglebook I am biased! 1! 1! ”. And also why do they disrespect dead soldiers by spamming Purple Hearts? And if that isn’t enough they call themselves an army. You don’t even have guns and when did you ever defend your country? Lol! And let’s not forget about “stan Looneys” and Two Times.

  • K-pop seriously sucks!

    Because it influences people with music, And teenage people were vulnerable to it and may face bad consequences such as suicide. K-pop was hated by almost everyone and many of the fans who love it go crazy by buying K-pop memorabilia that is 10000% ridiculously expensive and useless. K-pop is also the failure of human civilization. They are fools that were forced by other people into new routines when they're young and become slaves when they are ready to perform and sing. They are very similar to an African warlord. Suicide is also a problem for them, And they are working in hell and they sound ridicuously stupid!

  • Your reasons for Kpop sucking is inadequate.

    Your wording on Kpop causing suicide is very vague and misleading. You say teenage people are vulnerable to consequences such as suicide?
    That wording implies that teenage listeners could face the consequence of suicide but I strongly doubt there is any data showing that a kpop audience has higher suicide rates. What I believe you were trying to allude to was that there have been some headlining and memorable suicides by some k-popstars. Of course these are tragedies, And people might try blame the kpop system for them, But you have to realize that this isn't specific to kpop at all. In any pop culture industry where there are celebrities that hit levels of fame around that of a k-popstar, There is a lot of added stress and pressure that they have to deal with. Trying to pin point the blame onto kpop when its a problem that all big pop culture faces, Makes it sound like you aren't really just against the added pressure that the k-popstars have to deal with, It makes it sound like you just happen to be against the kpop music itself. The same exact point could be used to rebuttal your position on the memorabilia. Every pop culture thing sells over priced merchandise. You could most likely buy overpriced merch from literally any artist. So to label it as a kpop thing is illogical.
    Next is your comparison of the kpop idol life to that of someone living under an African Warlord. To be honest, That comparison sounds stupid. Literally any amount of research on African Slave Trade can show how you are lightyears away from any truth. The comparison of a kpop celebrities life to someone that lives under an African Warlord is almost downright disrespectful and it makes you sound foolish. To say that training throughout childhood is in anyway similar to a life of a slave is idiotic, And I would strongly suggest against putting stupid opinions like that out.

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Shamayita says2020-12-06T03:59:25.890
Yes k pop suckssssss

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