• West's Reaction to Racism Possibly an Example of Racism

    I believe that Kanye West's sometimes extreme reaction to what he feels is racism sometimes casts him in the role of the racist. He lashes out at white people and others who he feels are racist towards African Americans, but his responses can become hate-filled and generalized. He uses racism as an excuse to be racist towards others. He's even suspected of committing violence against a person of another race who he considered be making racist comments.

  • Kanye West exhibits ignorance in many subjects.

    Few who have heard his comments can deny that he has a chip on his shoulder about the way black people are treated like white people. At the same time, though, many of his comments are based on sheer ignorance. If he was more educated on the subjects about which he speaks, he would like sound much less racist.

  • No, Kanye West is a lot of things, but he has not exhibited racism as of yet.

    Kanye West is known for his outlandish and rude behavior, from assaulting teenagers to interrupting award shows. He is not known, however, for expressing racism against any community as of yet. That does not mean that he is not racist at his core, but it does indicate that there is no proof to say that he is a racist individual.

  • No, Kanye would not appeal to such a large audience if he was racist

    Many refer to the Taylor Swift incident when accusing Kanye of being racist, when he was actually just overly passionate about Beyonce. If Kanye was racist, the largely white record labels would not release his music. Frequently, rappers are labeled racist for joking around in their songs, but that's a facade for their careers, like a character in a movie.

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