• Well there are a lot of problems with this...

    I think the DEA is corrupt and that the drug war has become a problem for millions of Americans who would otherwise be living normal lives. People who's parents were taken away just because they smoked pot at night so that they could relieve stress and sleep easily. We should not tell these people what they can put in their bodies, threatening them with prison if they don't abide by what we say. I think all illegal drugs should become legal and regulated by the government. The worst thing about illegal drugs is the fact that they usually have an extreme lack of purity because it saves the cartels money. That money from their sale is then used to support violent crime. So yes it absolutely causes people harm who don't even use drugs. It makes entire neighborhoods war zones. Have you ever heard of Chiraq?

  • In many different ways

    Drugs sold on the black market lead to turf wars and violence. Even if you are completely sober you can still get hit by a stray bullet.
    Many botched drug raids have occurred. People who turned out to have no drugs were sometimes killed in these raids.
    A nun and a little girl died in a plane that was shot down in Peru in 2001 because it was mistaken for a plane carrying drugs. The Pentagon called them "collateral damage".
    Innocent people buy houses that were contaminated with methamphetamine and then get sick and sometimes die from the poisoning. Victims include children. If meth was legal there would be regulations confining its production to factory settings.

    There is no justification to continue the war on drugs when innocent people become "collateral damage". It simply is not worth it. Even if the war on drugs worked to save people from drugs (it doesn't) protecting people from themselves is not worth people dying through no fault of their own. There is a clear moral difference. People who die doing or trafficking drugs knew the risks and took them. People who die in the examples I've given here did nothing wrong.

    Some might argue that drug use itself legal or not poses a risk to non-users due to people on drugs threatening non-users. But we could require some drugs to be taken and experienced only on-site with professionals attending who know how to handle the behavior of people on drugs. Such a policy would work out best for non-users. It would also work out to protect users to some extent, since dose and purity could be controlled and if something went wrong professionals could intervene.

  • Mostly tax payers wallets.....

    If you review the statistics of drug arrests by the FBI pot does sky rocket above the rest but still violent crimes are committed over the other controlled substances: Heroin, cocaine and synthetic drugs. The drug war is exactly what it means a WAR. In war there is collateral damage. As unacceptable and despicable as it is, that is the reality of fighting crime in America today. Without laws against drugs more harm would come to our youth than their already is.
    This website above provides several stories of drug cartels and criminal based drug organizations causing anarchy to purge billions of dollars OUT of the US economy. A majority of drug money goes to cartels in South America. I presume the YES column is Pro-marijuana and is not thinking of the other Illicit drugs with their blanket statements.

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