• Kid Cudi Takes a Stab at Kanye in New Song

    Given the on again off again status of these two as bicker buddies, it's more likely than not that Kid Cudi is jabbing at Kanye West with his new song. The lyrics are obviously taking a poke at someone, and Kanye West is the most likely target in this case.

  • More Than Likely

    The following are the lyrics referred to in this question:

    “Things changed, for the good
    He watched my back until the world started knowin’ my name
    This should be in the Bible, middle finger up to the people who don’t like you
    Who have no valid reason to say they never liked you."

    I wish we as consumers didn't have to be subjected such feuds. For those of us that can remember back to such feuds ending in deaths and gang wars, we don't so much like to hear them continuing. Personally, I couldn't care less if they're in a feud, but I do wish they could act professionally.

  • Kid Cudi's new song does take a jab at Kanye.

    Kid Cudi's new song "Too Bad I have to Destroy You Now", appears to rightfully take a jab at Kanye West. The lyrics imply that Kanye was jealous of Kid Cudi's success, and wanted nothing to do with him once he was famous. He also mentions how Kanye treats paparazzi.

  • Yes, in line after line

    In his new song, Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now, Kid Cudi
    definitely takes shots at his former mentor. The song implies that Kanye West
    told him off, and that Kanye turned his back on Kid Cudi when the younger man
    finally began to achieve fame on his own. Raising your middle finger to a man
    who helped your career may not be wise. On the other hand, many entertainers
    have pumped up their notoriety by creating a feud.

  • A jab at Kanye

    Kid Cudi's song does take a stab at Kanye West and Kanye is not happy about it. He is very upset about what Kid has sung about and Kanye has expressed his thoughts to the media. It is surprising that Kid Cudi would sing a song like that to hurt Kanye.

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