• People never give her credit.

    Her salary is 52.5 million dollars. She gained media through her relationship with Paris Hilton. In 2010 Kim became the highest paid television personality, with the estimated earning of $6 million. In 2010 and 2011 she won an award for KUWTK at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2012 at the People's Choice Awards she won Favorite Tv Celeb Reality Star. Also in 2012, she won Choice TV and in 2013 won the same award. All y'all reasons for hating her are dumb. She hasn't done anything to ruin y'all lives personally. Y'all just full of hate because she did something y'all didn't "respect" . But if Kim would've never made that sex tape , would y'all like her today? No. Nothing but a whole bunch of people, filled with unnecessary hate. Taking it out on a random person cause they know she can't & won't fight back . Why y'all so worried about what goes on in her life, when y'all lives aren't even sitting right ? Everybody is so "pure" over the internet , like everyone doesn't sin.

  • Yes, of course!

    I thinking she has every right to be famous. She is very talenting individual. She being on many variety shows before, she step up her game so she standing out. Also, she looking very beautiful even before she got her plastic sugary. Now she becoming popular people become jealous because they want to living her. Not only does she have many moneys she also have talented husband who is king of rap. So I think she deserve to becoming famous and a shining star.

  • Yes, of Course!

    She so good. So so so good. She can famous yes! I loving everything about her. She having many talents like her Big trunk. She so fine, so fine like the treasures of the womb. She become my role model when she not even that famous back then. But now she more famouses people hate her because they are jealous of her. She even has Kanye who is the king of rap.

  • Oh hell yes

    She does because she was on a reality show which she worked hard on. People just hate her because she had plastic surgery but come one its not like she was the only one who got plastic surgery many other celebrities have like nicki minaj or miley cyrus! STOP HATING I LOVE KIM K

  • Don't know if jealous or?

    Although she is famous for a sex tape doesn't mean she doesn't deserve her fame. Although she is always critiqued for her famous tape and exploited to the media as a bad icon, the positive attributes that she compels is never highlighted. Through her television show and media disputes, she models that no matter how bad you have been exploited or how bad an image you are the public, continue to be yourself some people will agree and love you and obviously others won't. She teaches me that people can hate you but don't let them bring you down. At the end of the day its kim that is making millions of dollars and excelling through the business world whilst others are complaining about her fame and wealth

  • She should be

    Why shouldn't she be obviously millions of people watch he show so that's why she is famous. She wouldn't be famous if people didn't watch her show. That's why she makes 10 million dollars per season. If she shouldn't people why don't you become famous since its so "easy". If its easy then make a show and try becoming famous.

  • Is fame deserved?

    I feel deserving fame is subjective, is fame a boon or a curse? By stating fame is desrved makes it seem as if it is a prize or something better than our normal lives. I feel out of all the kardashians she is the least likeable but fame is not deserved it just is a fact of life. Also many people without talent are famous due to their birth eg the royal family or rich children so should they get fame due to the genetic lottery while kim kardashian should not. It is not any different?

  • Yes she does

    Causes she is amazing smart or else she could not have achieved so much with so little to offer in return. Kim's influence on these girls and women is causing a perpetuation of this type of Social Climbing and Celebrity seeking that will continue until the public wises up! And it seems like more and more of the general public is losing their reasoning power as time goes on. Give them what they want

  • Yes Kim deserves to be famous.

    Kim was famous even before the sex tape. She ie the daughter of the man who defended O.J. Simpson in one of the most famous cases in American history. People just love to live in the past and bring up other people's dirty stories. If people REALLY did like Kim they wouldn't be giving her so much attention. Her show has a lot of ratings because people like us watch it a ton. I believe Kim is a sweet person who is severely misunderstood and hated on so much. Blaming her for wearing and shopping for so many clothes, but honestly what kind of girl doesn't like shopping and wearing so many pretty clothes?

  • Famous for what?

    She has zero talent, except for what's between her legs. There are so many women out there who are truly talented and even more attractive that Kim but, without any sex tape featuring them out there, they must solely rely on their talents to get noticed. They must do something positive, in order to become famous. Kim is rather infamous for her sex tape and famous for nothing.

    Posted by: JBM
  • First thing I heard about her was she made a porn tape.

    There is nothing really special about her apart from being attractive. Her dad was famous, not her. She would be invisible were it not for making a porn tape like Paris Hilton. Other people like Lawrence Fishburne's daughter also tried the porn tape angle but not being as attractive it gained no traction. For some reason that opened doors to her be followed by a bunch of people. Good for her. I think she is a good business woman and respect her by making a bunch of people follow her despite having few personal achievements before being famous. She is only famous because she is pretty. Most of the clothing and other endeavors she created came after her fame, not before.

  • No definitely not deserve to be famous

    One reason she does not deserve to be famous is because she is a bad role model to young people whom are her main fans. Her fame increased because of her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray-J. Before that her dad was famous and less ppl cared about her.She even admitted on a show with her family that she is talentless; and most ppl become famous because they have talent such as singing, acting, creating a marketing products; not by making sex tape with a famous person.

  • Kim does not deserve to be famous.

    I am tired of hearing about the Kardashians having a ton of money where it is actually money from Kim doing porn, drinking, having a large ass and ditch famous guys just for fame and money, and crying. They think they are so big enough just to buy more than the president and think that Kanye will become president. They ruin the country about talking about life being as famous as the president. That money is not earned through hard work but the messed up life of Kim K. I never liked her at all. At least most of the world can actually work unlike her being extremely lazy. Most people can not get what they want, when they actually do get it, they work hard for it and that is what life is about. Kim K can not do anything other than just being lazy.

  • She does nothing but look pretty

    All her money came from her father and then there was the sex tape which gave her an obnoxious tv show about being famous, there is no talent, no skill and the reason why she is famous is her taking off her clothes which thousands of others do on the internet

  • No no no

    I I I iii I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ii I i

  • Why is she famous again?

    She's got absolutely no talent at all, like zero. Some of you might think she's a model - she can't do anything but taking selfies, nude photos and recording sex tapes. I don't know how the hell she could possibly get into the entertainment business by sex tapes and stuff. It's like the world is hypnotized by a crazy b**ch.

  • Well...She broke the internet.

    Her dad helped out O.J Simpson. So what? Kim herself has done nothing to gain the amount of fame she has. She essentially gets millions for doing porn, drinking, and a LOT of crying for dumb reasons. The same thing goes for the rest of her family. Maybe if she actually worked hard for the position that she's in, then the amount of fame she has would be reasonable.

  • He'll no... These ppl. Are a circus

    This whole family the Kardashians are a joke... Except maybe the Kendall girl she actually has a real job. The rest of them are retarded including the Kylie and bruce.... They're a circus they're not people who small girls should be looking up to or trying to look like... I wish everyone would just stop talking about them then maybe they would disappear. It's all fake drama

  • No, no, no HELL NO! NO!

    Why is Kim Kardashian so famous?
    Oh I know, she had a sex tape with some guy almost a decade ago.
    *cricket noise*
    That's it?
    If so, then why not make almost every second porn star the most popular person? Huh?
    Also its because of her orgasms, so what?
    Many people have orgasms, so what huh?
    Her life is just fake like her sisters and she is a crock of plastic beauty, which is all materialistic.
    In the end, only do hell with her and her husband and her fans and sisters.

  • Most certainly not

    She may be a good person dont really know. But she and her family are fake and immoral. A really bad influence to young gals. All she does is wear tight fitting clothes and plastic surgery. Make young girls feel insecure and encourage them to have eating disorders. Poor rolemodel

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