• Kim deserves attention

    Anyone who is willing to put their personal lives in the spotlight deserves the attention they get, both positive and negative. No one is forced to pay attention to what she does or doesn't do. If you do not like it, don't pay attention to it. That is what this country is all about, freedom of choice. She can choose to be in the spotlight, each individual can choose to listen or not.

  • Ugly Selfish Morals

    I do not like the way she treated her wedding guests, for her to request the most lavish presents possible from Hermes etc., divorce three months later, and then not return them to the grooms guests who spent exhorbitant amounts of savings on his happiness and wanted the presents back. She wanted to keep the items for herself, and so donated an equivalent amount of money to charity rather then return the gifts to the grooms friends who wanted them back after saving and spending tens of thousands of dollars for their friends happiness, and she kept all the grooms presents, and donated charity in their place. I would rather us give the attention to someone more worthwhile like Ellen Degeneres who is not as selfish.

  • She definitely does not deserve the attention she gets

    She is a shallow being. Pretty on the outside immature and flat on the inside. She is the kind of person that still has to learn the basics of life. A young soul so to speak. But unfortuanatly she sold her soul to the devil for fame and watching her show might feel entertaining but it actually is a waste of time.

  • Kim Kardashian is not a celebrity.

    The amount of attention Kim Kardashian and her family receive is sickening. What do they represent? Not morals or entertainment or political views. They simply entertained the public eye due to a release of a sex tape. They have exploited the attention they received and turned it into a multimillion dollar enterprise and I'm sure no one knows how or why they remain the center of attention.

  • Kim Kardashian does not deserve all the attention.

    I fail to understand why Kim Kardashian gets all the attentions she gets. All she did was appear on a "Reality Show", which I believe was scripted. She has not contributed anything positive to our society in any shape or form. There is nothing that warrants all this attention. President Obama summed it up best at a White House Correspondent's Dinner when he saw that Kim Kardashian was there and said, "Who is Kim Kardashian". It appears that the President of the Unites States also can not fathom why she gets so much attention.

  • No, she's just an average famous person.

    Although it isn't very concerning or irritating, I don't believe she "deserves" the excessive attention. She's just like other people with fame. Deserving attention is a complex idea on its own, people usually don't deserve it at all unless they are providing an actual benefit to those giving their attention. Though, if people choose to pay attention to a person, it's shouldn't be seen as unfair either. In conclusion, she doesn't deserve the attention, but that isn't the biggest concern in society.

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