• Yes, I think that Kirk Douglas deserves more recognition.

    I am not very familiar with Kirk Douglas but what I do know is that he is a very good man and activist who deserves more recognition. Most of what he has done has gone unnoticed and it is good to let people know all the philanthropic accomplishments he has done. I think it would encourage other people to be more caring and donate more time and money to those in need.

  • Yes he does.

    Yes, he does. Kirk Douglas deserves more recognition than he has been granted. I believe if someone does something unique, then he/she has to be rewarded accordingly. Apart from the reward, the person has to be recognized. This recognition has to bring the person fame. Unless the person chooses not to.

  • Yes, I think so.

    A true movie star in every sense of the word, Kirk Douglas has and always will be one of my favorites. A fiery on-screen presence, he always seemed to simmer with intensity, just waiting for a chance to erupt. Impeccable comic timing, a physical presence and a dramatic actor, he was a guy's guy kind of star. That deserves so much more recognition.

  • No, Kirk Douglas does not deserve more recognition.

    No, Kirk Douglas does not deserve more recognition because he has achieved the right amount of fame for his talents. Why should he get more fame? I have not seen him in much lately, and until he gets another big role, he does not deserve more of the spotlight than he is getting.

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