Does knowledge without humbleness bring downfall?

  • Knowledge Must be Used Properly

    Knowledge must be used properly or else it breeds contempt and hatred. Just because someone knows about something doesn't mean that knowledge must be used for individual gain. Nuclear energy is one example. The Manhattan Project discovered a fission bomb. Two such devices were detonated over Japan, killing hundreds of thousands of individuals instantly. There was no humility with such deaths--with the end of World War II, the Cold War began and hostilities remained present for the next 40 years until the Soviet Union's demise.

  • To a certain extent, no

    I think that knowledge without humbleness is fine, to a certain extent. If it becomes to extreme, it might bring downfall. I think that humbleness is a great quality and is much better to have knowledge with humbleness. However, I do not believe that knowledge without humbleness generally brings downfall.

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Anonymous says2013-08-30T14:25:09.517
Humbleness is necessary.