Does Kosovo/Kosova belong to Serbia (yes) or Albania (no)?

Asked by: MountainCrusader
  • You guys aren't illyrians, Kosovo is rightful Serbian land.

    Honestly the argument albanians are making is that they used to be the illyrians, The oldest people to live in the balkans and that kosovo was called dardania
    and then that the serbs took it
    and renamed it to kosovo
    but if you look at this in a modern perspective its retarded, Its like mexico wanting Texas back and getting it with the help of russia
    just because you have the majority ethnicity and it used to be yours doesn't mean it should

  • Kosovo je srce srbije

    Kosovo is the birthplace of the Serbian nation and faith. It was settled by Serbs (over 600 years) earlier than by Albanians. It is seen as a holy region of Serbia with the most important churches, Monasteries and history as well. Serbs were also the ones who defended Kosovo from Ottoman invasion.

    Albanians are nowadays a majority there for following reasons:

    1. Many Serbs in Kosovo were more religious and conservative (mainly priests and monks)
    2. Many Serbs died under WW1 and WW2.
    3. Albanians have a higher fertility rate
    4. Many Serbs were killed by Albanian extremists (KLA/uçk) and even more Serbs left after severe discrimination.

    (Albanian weren't the majority until after WW2, And no they don't have Illyrian ancestry)

  • It was always Serbia

    Kosovo was always historic Serbian territory, even when it was part of Ottoman empire. If Kosovo is independent why Kurds in Turkey is not independent? Why South Tirol is part of Italy? Why Basque is the part of Spain and France?...
    Kosovo means blackbird in Serbian. In Albanian it does not mean anything.

  • Wow this is cancer

    Looking at what some albanians are saying is only strenthining my support for serbia,wouldent recomend talking to any of them. Modern day kosovo is influenced and built by serbia,we have lost 1000s of lives on that land and made several lasts stands on it. For example ww1 and the fall of the serbian empire. Using the albanians logic we should give the republic srpska to serbia and northern canada to natives. They even call serbs gypsies as you can clearly read.

  • Yes yes and yes

    Kosovo has been Serbian since the beginning of time and throughout history. This is clearly visible by the beautiful ancient monasteries across the whole of Kosovo and Metohija. The Albanians who are born in the province of Serbia called Kosovo should not try to make it into an independent country as they are not entitled to the land. Again clearly visible by the monasteries and shown when they burnt the monasteries in 2004, a horrific act as every temple and church is home of God which should not be destroyed due to politics.

  • They just stole Kosovo !

    The muslim people started buying up all the houses and area in Kosovo. The few Serbians that were left there sold their houses in fear and ran off. Then all of a sudden the Muslim people say Kosovo is ours, bye Serbia! Kosovo belongs to Serbia and always will be!!!

  • It is the cradle of Serbian civilization

    The Serbs lived on this land for two thousand years and build their monasteries and churches there. They defended Kosovo against the Ottoman Empire. They were a large majority untilbTito brought three hundred thousand alebanias in the 1970’s and drove that many Serbs out of Kosovo. The Albanians have 5 wives and 50 children and the Serbs who sre christians have one wife and one or maximum two children. The Albanians outnumbered the Serbs in Kosovo since the 1970’s due to their large natality rates and their brutality towards the Serbs, Many fled Kosovo to avoid persecution and rape by the Albanians

  • Kosovo is the holy land of Serbia

    Country Albania existing since 1912, Serbs lived in Kosovo for two thousand years, Serbs build monasteries and churches there that Albanians in the past years was slowly destroying and persecuting Serbs from holy land Kosovo. Serbs defended Kosovo against the Ottoman Empire.
    Kosovo belonged, Belongs and always will be the heart of Serbia, History will always be there to remind us that Kosovo is and always will be part of Serbia.

  • Kosovo je srbija

    1. Kosovo je srbija
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  • Da jednostavno da.

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  • Kosovo never was, is or will be Serbia

    How can a land be serbian, if serbs are not even authoctonus in the Balkans? They are immigrants from Russia! Does it even make any sense, if a person comes to your house, steals something that is yours, and claim that is theirs?! In the other side, albanians are one of the oldest peoples in Europe. They've lived there since antiquity! Besides, aren't kosovans the ones that should decide about this? There are only 4% serbs living there, and over 93% albanians. Isn't it clear?

  • Kosovo was never Serbia’s to begin with

    Over 90% of people living in Kosovo are Albanian. Search that up anywhere on any device. The answer will always be that the vast majority of people living in Kosovo are Albanian Therefore Serbia should have nothing to do with Kosovo since it’s practically Albanian.

    Ps. Serbs and Greeks really need to start getting off of Albania’s dick.

  • It never was part of Serbia

    Kosovo is an Autonomous province in the balkans and the serbs just wanted to take the land for their own. Kosovo has always been a part of Albania and will never be part of Serbia. The land swap is also so Kosovo does not join the EU because if we do land swap EU will not accept us

  • No it is not

    You fucking assholes. You guys have been fighting for so long and what have you gotten from it? NOTHING serbia and serbians deserve nothing and they also are nothing. Serbians are obviously just immigrants from russia and like just leave us alone. The result in 1999 was not good especially for the serbian side they just keep starting wars fucking idiots.

  • Kosovo is not serbia

    Kosovo was originally Illyrian and the Illyrians are Albanians and serbs and serbia are just a big piece of shit. Serbs are just so greedy and want more land because they just keep stealing and causing wars and havoc. Why should they be privleged? Who remembers 1999 and the war that went on. That was gruesome guys.

  • Kosovo is Albania or Kosovo

    Well history and documents prove that Kosovo has been an Albania and Illyrian populated area when in the other side there is no facts that Serbian(slavs) lived on this area we all know that Slavs came into Balkan then who was there before the slavs? That is a simpe question every fucking one should ask

  • Kosovo is not Serbia

    Please read books guys. . . . . Serbians love to argue with Albanians because they don't have anything else to do. They can't accept the fact that no one likes them. Honestly lets be real. The only people that actually like serbs or Macedonians are themselves. Sorry not sorry, Gn kids, Stop the hate. Just read, Become more knowledgeable and respectful

  • Kosovo is Abanian land

    On 30 May 1913, without the Ottoman Empire being present, the conference signed the Treaty of London (1913), an agreement under which Ottoman Empire would give up all territory west of the Enos-Midia line. After much discussion, the Ambassadors reached a formal decision on 29 July 1913, to establish the Principality of Albania as a sovereign state independent of the Ottoman Empire.

    As a result of the decisions taken and because of pressures from Greece and Serbia, half of the territory claimed by the newly established Albanian state, which comprised between 30% and 40% of the total Albanian population was left out of the newly established Principality of Albania. In particular Kosovo Vilayet was given to Serbia and Chameria and Ioannina to Greece.

  • No it is not

    You fucking assholes. You guys have been fighting for so long and what have you gotten from it? NOTHING serbia and serbians deserve nothing and they also are nothing. Serbians are obviously just immigrants from russia and like just leave us alone. The result in 1999 was not good especially for the serbian side they just keep starting wars fucking idiots.

  • Its Definitely Albanian.

    When the serbs migrated from mongolia in the 7th century AD, Their capital belgrade wasnt even built by them it was built by the celts in the times of illyria, Also, When the serbs came from mongolia albanians were already there to begin with. Albanians inhabited illyria and dardania (dardania is kosovo's real name) and the only reason you don't see albanians in countries in illyria (bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro) is because they changed their identity because the serbs forced them too. The serbs call albanians agressive peoples, But they were the ones who initiated attacks on us. Fast forward to the 1990s and the serbs commit warcrimes in kosovo just to avoid losing to albania, Albanians were tortured and killed by the serbs by war criminals which serbian nationalists call "Heroes" this is f***ing disgraceful and all serbs who believe "Kosovo is serbia" deserve to die. May belgrade burn to the ground and serbs be slaughtered and the name "serbia" be erased from human history, The only thing more lower than a serial killer is being a serb who believes that "Kosovo is serbia"


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