• How embarrassing for America.

    Third world is being nice. This airport looks like a garbage dump and smells like one too. A mix between 40 years of cigarette smoke and an armpit. The VP is right and was explaining that we, the richest nation on earth, deserve the best airports in the world...Especially in New York City.

  • It feels worse than a third world country at time

    Yes, Laguardia airport feels like you have step into a time warp and the description of a third world country fits it very well. I can say this because I have been in third world country airports and they are not very pleasant. This airport is small, dirty, and fairly unorganized. It seems fairly useless and either should be upgraded, expanded, or just closed altogether.

  • It is dirty.

    Yes, Laguardia feels like a third world country, because it is not a very well-run airport. I have been in there, and it is dirty. It is not a place to stay for any period of time. It just looks dark and dirty. Managers could do so much better with Laguardia, but they let is be a disgusting place.

  • No it is like the others

    I don't think Laguardia Airport is much different then the other airports in the region. Yes it is more into the city of New York than Newark but you will see the same basic people and same basic activities at Newark and JFK as you do Laguardia. It is not like a third world country.

  • LaGuardia Is a Transportation Hub

    LaGuardia airport is a transportation hub in one of the busiest cities in the world. Although not JFK, LaGuardia is still an important piece of New York's infrastructure. Despite what Vice President Joe Biden said about the run down terminal, it's not even close to a Third World country. Biden has always been a blunt person and now is no exception.

  • It's not that bad

    Laguardia airport is definitely a more run down type of airport that doesn't have all the new fancy bells and whistles as other airports around the country or the world. However, it is not of the same caliber of a third world country. It should be upgraded, but it really isn't that bad.

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