• Yes

    He deserves a small amount of leniency. He is getting all of the heat from everyone because he won the tour de France more than anyone else. There are plenty of other cyclists doing steroids, but Lance Armstrong was just better than the other people who are doping. Although he still cheated and lied, he is not the only one who has.

  • Zero

    Sorry but Lance did things including file defamation lawsuits against people that he was fully aware weren't actually defaming him and were merely stating the facts. Nobody is going to take away the money he helped raise for cancer research, but they're going to try to take away some he got from lawsuits/endorsements, as well they should.

  • Of course not!

    It seems that Lance Armstrong fooled the world into believing that those titles that he won while cycling were from actual natural skill, evidently not! We are always discouraged not to cheat ourselves so why should it be an exception for him? It is totally unfair that he was able to get away with "doping" for so long and take the credit for titles that were wrongly achieved which a hard-working and determined cyclist should of received instead. if anything Lance Armstrong should be made an example to any person that participates in sports activity that commits such a disgusting thing!

  • No, he does not.

    Lance played the world. It was an elaborate and very comprehensive play, but a farce nonetheless. He does not deserve any leniency for the extreme disappointment he caused the world, or at least those in the athletic community who looked at him as an inspiration. He built a name for himself as a fighter and survivor, completely free of drugs or stimulants. When your foundation as a famous icon depends on integrity and strength, news of fraud is appropriately catastrophic for your career.

  • No way!

    Not only did he cheat, he lied about cheating! He does not deserve any leniency. He deserves to be stripped of his titles and banned from cycling. He also should have to re pay all the people who endorsed him. Why should he get left off easy? Because he's a cancer survivor? Because he's famous? He's also a cheat and a liar, and that's what people are going to remember about him.

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