• She is an example.

    Yes, LeeAnn Rimes overshares in her racy Twitter pic, because she has a different brand. Lee Ann Rimes has a more wholesome image than that, and a lot of young people look up to her. She should have thought two before diluting her brand by posting an image like that.

  • Chill out LeeAnn

    LeeAnn Rimes has taken Twitter by storm with her racy pics. There is a classy, tactful way to show yourself Miss Rimes. Hundreds of racy selfies is not that way. The online pics have gone overboard and she is at the helm. At some point her agent or a good friend needs to enlighten her on class.

  • LeeAnn Rimes has a history of oversharing.

    LeeAnn Rimes doesn't have the best reputation with the public. She's been known to act irrationally and publicly air her indiscretions and sometimes eccentric behaviors. Sometimes it seems like she's trying to overcompensate with things like the racy Twitter photo and get back in the spotlight but it just comes off desperate.

  • She can share what she wants

    Who cares? If you don't like it then don't follow her. It's her personal account, and I think she should be able to post anything that is within twitters guidelines on her account. She is a person too, just because she is an actor does not make her everyones perfect role model

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