Does legal abortion teach people to view their own lives as worthless?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yes what about their rights

    If a child can be killed, without repercussions, then what does that say for others. If murder is not punished then it becomes rampant. They could have been killed as kids, if so then what value do they have if no one values them then no one wants them, e.G. Abortion is murdering unwanted, or undesirables.

  • Pro-choice argumentation leads to serious consequences

    Legal abortion and the pro-choice movement defending it lead to people making the now rampant argument that abortion is better because of children who would be neglected or abused or be born with a disability. The implication that makes to the arguer's subconscious and to other readers is that if a person experiences those or similar sufferings that it makes their life worthless. Crass economic arguments that legal abortion saves us money further leads to people to think of themselves as merely lumps of flesh. Why do you think depression rates have been climbing, especially among young people who are the most open to developing their ideas about the world? Its because legal abortion has lead to arguments that create a culture of death. We can look at this or that outcome and say "therefore this is a good policy" but what really matters is the whole. It doesn't matter how much wealth, how little crime if we have a culture of death and despair because a policy generates a strong willingness of people to make arguments that have those implications. If pro-choicers ever show me that they are turning away enough from these arguments even pointing out the societal implications of making them to fellow pro-choicers still using that argument I may rejoin the pro-choice side, but I am now pro-life because the social implications of pro-choice argumentation is bad enough to outweigh other concerns. In the Netherlands this has lead to legalized infant euthanasia. How much longer until more vicious eugenics laws are put into place that threaten the elderly and people with disabilities? A woman's right to choose isn't worth it when it leads people to generate as negative of values about life, about those dealing with more of life's challenges, and ultimately about themselves.

  • In actuality, it teaches the worthwhile life and how a person can make their life worthwhile

    A worthwhile life, to me, is one that is lived how the person wanted it to be lived. If a person is suffering incessantly because of an illness incurred at birth, and he or she is not wanting to live this life after considering all options, I think it would be a worthless life in at least his or her sense. I find it cruel to enforce people to live lives that they do not want to live, that a life lived in agony is not worth living in most cases. I think that abortion can value life in the sense that it can prevent painful life -- that abortion values worthwhile lives.

    Of course, there will be other instances where abortion would appear to be devaluing human life, but as explained, there are instances to the contrary.

  • It Gives Us A Choice!

    If anything, it helps us view our lives as important and something we're in control of! Having a child in some circumstances may ruin one's life. Since our lives are not worthless, and we're in control of it, we are given options on what to do when we make a mistake or life give's a little bit of a push in the wrong direction. We see a problem, and we find ways to get rid of that problem in a sensible way instead of putting up with what we don't deserve and what we don't want! Our lives are too valuable to have something get in the way of our hopes and dreams. Abortion teaches us that there are second chances in life, because it's a valuable and precious thing!

  • Legal abortion does not teach people to view their own lives as worthless.

    There are many reasons a woman decides to have an abortion. Rape, medical reasons, even age. I am pro-choice, however, I personally would never get an abortion. I don't judge those who do though. They should never feel worthless because they had to go that route. The decision is difficult enough and their lives are precious. They need to move on past it and try and live their lives right.

  • No it doesn't.

    In fact, it teaches the value of life, and how even if you make a mistake, you can still have a chance at it.

    It's about self-esteem, self-worth, and other such things. If one feels their life isn't worth it, it isn't because of abortions, it's because of how they feel. People should not compare themselves to an aborted fetus and wonder if it could have been them. It wasn't. If I had been aborted myself, I just wouldn't be here. So what? Big deal.

    But people are here, they weren't aborted, they're not 'abortion survivors', and they can make their life worth something.

  • No it doesn't

    Abortion is the personal discision of the mother. If she wished to do it the government of religious groups shouldn't have to stop her. If she had the child then she will feel worthless because she will have to take care of a child she didn't even want. Why should government or religioun have to tell people how to live their lives? It's the womens choice and if they have a problem with that it sucks for them.

  • It's about self esteem

    If you have reached that place in your life where you are comparing yourself to an unborn fetus than that's on you. But as it stand, an unborn fetus is not is not a person and there is absolutley no reason for any one with sense to compare themself to one.

    I'm pro-choice, always have been, always will be and the idea that a legal abortions would teach people to view their own lives as worthless is just ridiculous. I can't even really wrap my head around the idea - how could someone feel this way about themself just because abortions are a thing? Is it people saying "Well.. I could be that fetus." ? Because that's a dumb question it's just like asking "How would you feel if your mother had aborted you?" Well... I wouldn't. If anything, the fact that your mtoher didn't abort you should make you feel better.

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