Does letting illegal immigrants into the United States hurt the economy?

  • Illegal Immigrants Send US Dollars to Their County of Origin.

    We have hardworking people in this county, and unskilled government dependent leeches should not be taking advantage of them. They think they can come here and get free healthcare and free everything, a paradise. No, stop living off of taxes while you don't pay any. My family came here legally, why can't that? Stupid Mexicans.

  • Of course it does

    1.) They are illegal. You have to be backwards to think that this is excusable.

    2.) With the MASSIVE influx of illegal immigrant minors, how in the WORLD could these minors NOT hurt our economy? THEY'RE MINORS, they're dependent on us taxpayers for their education, health care, etc. ! We already have SO MANY American children who need our help, and we're going to put another nation's people before our own? Come on people! Don't be ignorant and foolish.


  • Derr , do you think?

    While a few huge corporations may benefit the actual cost in added social services, incarceration ( 1/3 of fed. Inmates are illegal) , depressed wages for our poorest real Americans etc etc. is immense. Build a wall and deport them all, deportation is an awesome jobs program, every illegal construction worker shipped back where they belong opens up a job for a real American.

  • No More Jobs for AMericans- the immigrants took them all.

    62% Say Yes
    38% Say No

    Yes, Control the Border!

    My heart truly bleed for the individuals that are suffering abuse from drug cartels and sex traffickers. Their country refuses to protect their citizens! These individuals need to direct their anger towards their leaders for failure to protect. Why are you mad at Americans who do not want to allow you in our country! If the parents are paying several thousand dollar to a smuggler to assist in smuggle their children to the U.S Border- traveling threw the dangerous parts of Mexico- why dont the just all move to safer part of Mexico?? There are several reasons why I think AMerican needs to have stricter and more secure borders I live in a city that borders Mexico- Since moving Here, I can see now how important it for congress to act and make stricter laws regarding the border and enforce deportation!!. I can not find work here and suffer horrible discriminated because I am a white American who does not speak Spanish. My children are teased with racist comments daily at school! Economically , We have not fully recovered from the recession and yet we want to allow and pay for 40,000-50,000 plus illegal immigrant in to our system. Paying their health care, school,food, housing all the while they take our jobs?? There will not be anything left for OUR OWN children!!!--- and if we dont go along with this they we are referred to as RACIST!! The Crime rate will go up. Mexico has been over taken by Drug Cartels and Sex trafficers-- Where do you think the majority of Drugs in America come from?? Dont think its already leaking into AMerica- do a quick engine search! Obama invites immigrants here because of the votes- dont believe me ?? When obama ran for the 2nd term- most American voters did not vote for him to be reelected. He only won by electoral Votes!! Again, I am truly sorry for those children- But what really sadness me is to think- What the future hold for the American children?? No jobs we know that forsure!

  • Yess yes yes

    I like chicken and floors and once I flew to Morocco and saw a fat man playing the piano on a ceiling. The first thing that happened to me was a big lantern falling from the sky and picking me up and dropping me into an infinite abyss of tacos.

  • In order for illegal immigrants to help the economy, they first need to pay taxes

    Claims that illegal immigrants help the economy is quite simply nonsense as they are here "Illegally" and lack a "SSN" meaning they are unable to pay "Taxes" which is the thing that helps the "Economy".
    They literally come here and live off the benefits of the government which was designed for the tax payers and American people but instead is being spent on people from a foreign nation who are willing to contribute nothing to anyone but themselves.
    The majority of the U.S debt isn't even owned to foreign nations, in fact a huge chunk is probably owed to illegals which makes no sense if we were to look at it economically. This simply means that citizens of the U.S are spending their hard earned money on someone who isn't even here legally further pushing us into deeper debt.

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  • Letting in authorized immigrants is one thing, but letting illegal immagrants in is something else.

    I'm getting to the point in saying that I'm sorry if anybody is offended in what I have to say but our economy is being destroyed by the amount of illegal aliens we take on each year and since they practically live on the hard working backs of the Americans and they will keep on doing so if they can't buckle down with the fact of how utterly useless they are, what I'm saying is that you cannot take the immagrants out of America, America is built on Imagrants but the fact that annualy we pay cash from are pockets so these people can keep on surviving to just make even more of themselves.

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  • More money less problems.

    If the US made it easy for illegal immigrants to become legal immigrants everyone would benefit. Most people who come here illegally would prefer to become legal gaining all of the rights that come along with that title. The US would also gain an economic boost because of the increased federal and state taxes on approximately 10 million people. Plus we would not have to waste money imprisoning and shipping "illegals". It is a win-win. Then the local, state, and federal forces could spend more time focusing on actual crime, instead of chasing people who just want a better life for their families.

  • To all ignorant republicans...

    There are currently 11 million 'illegal immigrants' working in the united states. All you are doing is putting a face on a ghost so to speak. It's funny how first of all, when a 'ghost' (someone who works here whom doesn't file their tax reports) all of a sudden gets an identity.. Boom! 10% increase in poverty or unemployment! It's amazing right? Sudden increase in unemployment and we're here blaming the people that had always been here since the start. Addressing the economy in terms of immigration, most immigrants work in low income occupations. With little money, a little to no money goes into savings meaning more goes into consumption. Odds are, Immigrants spend more, percentage-wise, than the typical middle-wage earning american. With that being said the economy is spending more overall and thus we should see an increase in consumption which would then boost the economy rather than hurt it. Those that talk about crime are honestly either being plain stupid or manipulated. According to a nation survey, crime is up INSIDE the united states. Politicians confuse you saying "oh it's the mexicans" but in reality americans are causing more problems for america than the illegals. The people that have benefited from Obama's deffered action are required to have a clean criminal record so really, ALL REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO TARGET EVEN THE INNOCENT IMMIGRANTS. Instead of whining about protecting the border from people that come to make an honest living, you protect yourselves from yourselves.

  • Flawed question, and no, immigrants (illegal included) are a driving economic force.

    Illegal Immigrants will find their way into the country whether you let them in or not. All immigrants, legal or otherwise, seek a better life for themselves, that's the reason they come to the United States. As such, they come with the desire to work and produce a suitable income to live on that they otherwise would not have been able to in their original country. They are what drive the economy of the U.S. with their commerce and labor. If you were to look at mid-western cities, with few if any immigrants, and compare them to a city like New York, you'll see that immigrants are deeply entrenched in everyday commerce.

  • They do not

    Because they are people to and yes they can work for us and they do pay taxes. Also we need to be helpful to other im not just saying yeah every one needs to be nice to every one i know that will not happen nut a least we can provide hem with a job so they can work for the US and buy from the US so the government gets there money and the immigrants get what they need to survive. Aresting people and putting them back doesn't do anything they will keep coming.

  • No Big Problem With Immigrants!

    Don't you people think that the government knows what it's doing? I do, and what's more, I have proof! Our economy is not changing much. I have researched this, and looked at many charts, and altogether, immigrants have not helped OR hurt our economy. Does this mean that we should continue to let them into our country? Not necessarily. Should we stop them from entering all together? Absolutely not! No one group of people is entirely helping America. Why are we blaming the Mexicans for everything? Think about this before you blame any little economic problem on the Mexicans.

  • NO, Illegal Immigrants Help US

    There are many jobs in America that don't pay much or aren't "very good," and that Americans wouldn't dream of taking. Some of these jobs are actually very important. In Mexico, the pay is a lot less, and many Mexicans will take even the smallest jobs with very little pay. If they didn't take those jobs, who would? Even the smallest jobs help build our economy. Therefore, Mexicans actually do help us.

  • Immigrants Do Not Take Our Jobs

    There are lots of jobs in the US that immigrants are taking, but that isn't entirely hurting us. We have plenty of small jobs that, while important, don't pay very much, or just aren't good enough for most Americans. In Mexico, the pay is a lot less. When Mexicans come to America, many of them are willing to take the very small jobs that others wouldn't dream of taking. This HELPS us. They aren't taking over jobs that many of us otherwise would take! Immigrants are building our economy by helping us do little jobs.

  • A Chance To Live Life Better

    Not all illegal immigrants come from just Mexico, but the majority of them do because we are right next to them. The only reason for them coming here is to create a better life for themselves or their whole family. As you can see, from the news and such, Mexico is somewhat getting out of hand. Their best chance is to come to the states, and take the jobs us lazy Americans won't accept.

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