Does life have a point? (I'm on the yes side)

Asked by: AK24
  • What a piece of work is man!

    How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty and form and moving! How express and admirable in action! How like an angel in apprehension! How like a god! The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals! What Hamlet said with irony I could say with conviction; mankind's greatest works of science and art are without parallel in our known universe. Yes, they may never be rediscovered by a successor race once we are gone, but while we exist, it is our duty to create ever greater marvels for each other to enjoy, and just for the sake of creation. The same could go for any given individual human, only now with the consolation that there will be others to enjoy your work without you.

  • Life has a point

    I don't know why we exist on earth or exist at all. We break stuff, we cause problems, and kill things. But I think life is more than that, I think life is based on happiness, and improving other people's lives. We should also be improving the world, eliminating pollution (it exists), eliminating other people's social, mental, and physical conflicts. But I don't understand why we don't improve our efforts.

    Posted by: AK24
  • Life does have a point

    Life does have a point. Then what make you live or what causing you to breathe in and out? Animals and Humans have happiness, and love. Never seen a animal loving each other? It one point of life that make you and me. We couldn't survive without our one special ability, life.

  • There is no point, So we are free to make up what we will

    There is no point. So we can make up what we want. If I want the point of my life to be to pursue a career, to marry a certain sort of person, or what have you I can. There is no point of life so that's liberating in that you can do what you want.

  • Overall: No. Individually: Yes

    I think that all types of life forms perceived as a whole has no point. We, and all other animals, were created by chance i.e. evolution. We serve no greater purpose living on earth. There is no end to our means. Where our purpose in life comes from is due to society and culture. When we arrive to earth, society tells us what we should and shouldn't do. From this we create goals and strive to achieve our ambitions.

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