• Yes, to Honor God.

    Yes, life has a purpose, and the Bible spells out that purpose clearly. It would be miserable to wake up every single day without thinking that life meant anything. God says that the purpose of life is to fear God and keep His commandments. That includes loving other people and helping each other. This is the purpose of life.

  • Why would we be here if not?

    Why any living things are on earth is anyone's guess, but once we are here, we will affect people in ways we don't even realize. The suffragettes purpose in life was to get equal rights for women. Martin Luther King was here to aid the civil rights movement in North America. Maybe we're not all destined for greatness, but in our lives, we will all achieve something, no matter who minute.

  • Yes, a very important one

    Think about the universe. Tons of asteroids colliding, nebuli forming, constellations, beautiful stars, planets, and formations. Without life, without something to observe, contemplate, wonder, and appreciate this big, wonderful, stunning universe, the universe would have no purpose. So, in conclusion, does life have a purpose? I think it has two. One is unto itself, and the other is to give the universe a purpose.

  • Yes but its different for everyone

    I think you aren't born with a purpose but its something you choose. Some people decide there purpose is to rule the world, some to improve, enjoy, or change it. I say there is only a purpose to your life if you decide to have one. So don't contemplate what happened to put us here, instead say "Were here so now what happens?" The purpose to a life can be big or small good or bad but I think everyone has some reason they want to be here and know what they want to do. Think to yourself "Whats the purpose of my life?"

  • Life Has A Purpose

    I believe that for every life-from humans on down to the smallest uni-cell organism. Every single thing we do, every thought we act-or don't act-on has its own consequences, whether good or bad. To me, the question isn't so much does life have a purpose, but, how do we gain a better understanding of our own individual purpose for existing.

  • Yes, life has a purpose.

    Life has a purpose and it is evident by our ability to procreate. The complex nature of life, in plants and animals, indicates the unlikeliness it was sporadic or happened by chance. All life was intelligently designed by someone or some thing. Even if we are living in a computer simulation, programmers design with a purpose, right?

  • Yes, life has a purpose

    As cheesy as it may sound, everything from the single blade of grass to the planet earth as a whole, serves a purpose. Everything that exist has a purpose. Scientifically and spiritually everything that exist for a reason and is part of a system in which everything has its place and definite purpose.

  • You Just May Not Understand It

    All life has a purpose. Life that we generally take for granted, such as the life of grass, trees, plants, insects, etc... all has a purpose in sustaining the life of others in the great circle. So the purpose of life may be as simple as to be a part of the great circle to which we all belong. It may be as big as being part of the grand plan as designed by God. Regardless of beliefs, it is obvious that everything on this Earth has a purpose.

  • Yes Yes and Yes!!

    Life is a gift...............And as with all the gifts we receive we must take care of them, especially if we like our gift. Gifts are meant to be shared. "Look what I got!!" isn't it great! It's in the sharing that we find our purpose....To give unto others as you have been given.

  • Probably life is merely an ongoing process

    I think it is human approach only that we always try to find purpose behind everything. According to science living organism are here to reproduce but for what? What is the need to continue life? May be life is an ongoing process only or may be its purpose is beyond our knowledge about life. Who knows !!!

  • Death makes life futile

    In the end whatever good we may do in life is wiped out because we, and anyone who might benefit from the good we might do, die. It may take a thousand years, but death is remorseless and it puts an end to any purpose life may have. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

  • If you consider living to die a purpose, then yes

    The only purpose of human life is to live, then die. I know I'm saying that technically, there is a purpose, but, those who believe there IS a purpose, believe it is something greater, which, in fact, it is not. There is no plan, no meaning, only death and birth.

  • Purpose- the reason for which something is done, created or for which something exists.

    The wrench's purpose is to loosen or tighten, perhaps even murder, given the chance. It's fundamental purpose, however, was thought before it was created, the inventor gave purpose, finality to the object.

    If you are dogmatic, spiritual or in away way believe in a higher 'being', 'unifying energy,' I applaud you. I clap with both envy and sarcasm. The former because it must be a wondrous struggle to let go and strife for an ideal you find unquestionable, the latter because I don't agree. It would be wise to include political and economic dogma here also. All these require an absolute.

    For many the idea of survival also serves as an incentive for which to live. The very reason for their being. Fulfilling this 'purpose' in the purest sense would achieve immortality. I'd like to see this one as the most primitive of religions. The inability to fully comprehend death, if it is at all something to be comprehended, with the instinct to live. Both of these solved miraculously by much dogma.

    Apart from the absolute there is a form of thought which alleges not a single thing is certain. Some infinitely likely, and others infinitely unlikely. Purpose as we typically fathom it, given our biological state, I see as tipping towards the unlikely side. There's always a chance but I wouldn't put my money on it.

    The purpose i find more likely, though still blatantly within the sketchy regions of human thought, would be simple causality. The ripple of our existence, we've been around for 1/7250th of the universes supposed span, is small at first sight. But as research advances a succession of events stretching far back, i won't say beginning because there is no need for there to be one, has resulted in our being. Nature's purpose is to exist, and we are a bi-product of that 'pseudo-absolute' entity. I cannot understand how it is that nature exists simply because it does. And again I fall into the trap of necessitating purpose for something else to have it.

    As humans we require the meaning of things, their own purpose, and 'not-living' things defy definition. To obey the laws of physics? And what purpose is there for these laws to even exist? The cycle is vicious.

    The most obvious answer therefore is that purpose has no limit, no bound no finality. It turns upon itself and gets nowhere. There is so much purpose that no one purpose is true. Some are more fun, others less so.

    I think I'll pick writing on debate.Org and using the wrench as a microphone.

    "Instead of a false axiom, I prefer to walk with doubt"

  • Life does not come with an initial purpose.

    When we are born into this world, we don't come here with a purpose. The whole life thing is quite random. Random because we don't choose what will we be born as. But later in life we can make our own choices. Later in life we can make our own purpose. When we get to know oneself, we make our own purpose. It doesn't come as a gift pack with birth. We make our own choices and choose our own path.

  • No, life has no purpose

    Humans are animals. Like animals they evolved only due to natural selection; from the constant struggle of the species to improve itself.
    Be the fittest is the only purpose that any individual and it's life has ever had. They weren't born to perform some task or to do anything in specific: they are the random result of the need survive. That need made it develop a conscience and a notion of "I", being that the reason for it to see itself as an individual.
    Because humans are animal (humans also evolved), their life, from the moment they begin to exist, has no purpose because they were born simple to survive and enhance the species; although this is a purpose is one that holds no meaning to the individual, making its life without a purpose to himself and to anyone else since the task of perpetuating the species doesn't require him (can be performed by any other individual of his species).

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10inchclick says2013-02-23T20:53:12.110
Life has a purpose which is to give rise to consciousness just like matter has the purpose to give rise to life. Consciousness gives rise to the self which gives rise to subjection which gives rise to the Self. The Self is God, the Creator of the Universe.
TheInterlang says2013-09-19T22:26:11.857
Define "purpose"