• Yes, life involves more intellect than emotion.

    Life always requires you to use your intellectual capabilities. Emotions are completely unnecessary to sustain life. You cannot obtain and keep a good job without any intelligence. An emotionless person can function within society without very many issues. An idiot will have a much harder time in their worldly travels.

  • Life does involve more intellect than emotion.

    Life does involve more intellect than emotion. I think everyday we have to use our intellect more everyday but emotions do sometimes affect those decisions. Emotions are important to because without them we would make rash decisions. So I think they are both important qualities to have and needed to be efficient.

  • Intellect Allows Survival

    Intellect and intelligence, along with an ability to adapt, is what allows any living being to survive longer than others. Humans get ahead and stay on top with intelligence, not emotions. That's why education is so important in today's society. No one stupid was elected president. It takes intellect to make wise choices while emotional decisions may lead to a completely different path.

  • No it doesn't.

    I do not think that, in general, life involves more intellect than emotion. Although I think that it should a lot of times. Most people are driven by their emotions, and they don't really take the time to think about things. Or if they do think about things, their thought are clouded by emotions.

  • No life is all emotion

    Life involves way more emotion then it does intellect. Granted with all the new technology available today intellect is on its way up in life, but in the long term still can't compete with emotion. We experience emotion every waking hour and most of our decision have a lot to do with our emotion.

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