Does limiting our use of cellphones, internet, and TV give us back our mental peace?

  • Limmited Our Technology

    I personally think that exactly, these technologies can be used for good and people don't need to be told how they are supposed to relax themselves. It's refreshing to read a comment here that's not part of the general "we old people think the lazy good-for-nothing youth don't conform to our idea of mental peace, so we should ban the technology they like and we don't understand" narrative.

  • Yes, technology lures us away from peace.

    We get so caught up in keeping up with the amount of technology in this world that we forget what truly gives us our peace and comfort. Nature is real peace, with activities such as camping and biking the central theme to those. Internet is not peace, and lures us away.

  • Sometimes You Need A Break

    Some days feel like you are going mental with all the info passing through your brain. There are times when I just need to turn every electronic device off and go sit outside and enjoy a beer. It is nice to go work in the yard, go play some basketball, or walk the dog. It is nice to get away from all the electronic devices every now and again.

  • limiting our use

    I personally agree,The only person I can ever hope to have peace with is myself. I am reading this as "should I" limit my use to help me find my mental peace. My answer to that is ... limit or get rid of mindless use of technology. If you want to be on facebook or watch TV then do it but know you are doing it, be mindful of that action. It is the mindless actions, whether it be technology,eating or anything else that I am trying to rid myself of. I have caught myself many of times clicking on facebook because it was a default action not because I wanted to go onto facebook. but I digress so to sum it up

  • No, not necessarily.

    This really depends on the person and what they use these things for. If a person uses these electronics as a way of focusing, learning, or relaxing then it is likely that taking the items away would lead to more emotional distress. Although it is helpful for some people to disconnect, it isn't the definitive answer for everyone.

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