Does Lindsay Graham have a good chance at winning the Republican vote?

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  • No, she does not.

    I do not believe that Lindsay Graham has a good chance at winning the Republican vote because she is a woman. I think after having the USA's first black president, the majority of voters will be voting for a male just because everything ebbs and flows. Although, her chances are better being a Republican.

  • Facebook, Graham No Match

    United States Senator for South Carolina Lindsay Graham announced his bid for the White House because of his strong foreign experience. Solely resting on his foreign experience, Graham does not have a good chance at winning the Republican vote. He needs to bring more to the table than that to win the Republican vote. Moreover, Graham is not a household name as evidenced by the Facebook results.

  • Not a very good option for people

    I think that he's at odds against many other runners who will probably shine over him. Let's not forget about how many other key candidates will be up in the race that will garner much more attention: Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, etc. I don't think he has a good chance of winning for those reasons, namely his competition and blurring of his race due to the hype.

  • Lindsay Graham will most likely not win republican vote.

    Lindsay Graham will most likely not win the republican vote. Though he stands a slight chance of doing so, overall he most likely will not. He will not generate enough voting power to win the republican vote. He will probably get a large number of votes, but not win overall.

  • Let me see- no.

    Polls from this month show him in the single digits. Before he even announced, his home state was against him; 6 in every 10 South Carolinians to be exact.Why ask? We all know Bush and Rubio are the only ones with any real chance. Graham will get his 15 to push an agenda that's in the best interest of the military-industrial complex and then he'll slither back to the Senate.

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